14 Days to Totally Toned! {LEGS}

ttgfwbHey Guys! Welcome to the next installment of 14 Days to Totally Toned! Are your arms burning from yesterday? Mine are…it hurts so good!

After you complete your first round of 14 Days to Totally Toned {Arms} transition straight into the workout below.

I know you are excited to know what we are working out today, I have a full inbox to prove it ;) The wait is over…LEGS! Its confession time…I LOVE LOVE LOVE squats so I’m beyond excited about todays workouts!


Just a few things before we get started:

  • Feel free to add a dumbbell or kettlebell to increase difficulty
  • Push your body, but know your boundaries make sure all workouts are being done safely
  • Increase or decrease reps to fit your fitness level

Reps and Sets below are personal suggestions – Do what is right for you – Pick from 2 sets/2x a day {this is what I do}, 1 set/2x a day or 1 set/4x times a day. Work at your level!

Squats {you can make your squats more challenging by holding a dumbbell or kettlebell}

15 reps/2 sets {repeat twice a day}


  • Stand tall with your feet shoulder-width apart with arms extended straight out
  • Lower your body as far as you can go
  • Slowly push yourself back to the starting position

Jumping Squats:

15 reps/2 sets {repeat twice a day}


  • Stand with your feet wider than hip-width apart, toes pointed slightly out
  • Press through your heels to jump as high as you can off the ground, swing your arms behind you
  • Immediately go into the next jumping squat until you have reached the desired reps

Lunge Kicks:

15 reps each leg/2 sets {repeat twice a day}


  • Step back with your right foot and lower into a reverse lunge
  • Push down through your left heel and kick your right leg in front of you as you straighten your left leg
  • Repeat all by alternating legs

Wall Sit:

1 Minute {repeat twice a day}



  • Stand with your head and back against a wall
  • Feet shoulder-width apart 12-18 inches from the wall
  • Keep your arms at your sides
  • Lower your body into a squat position until your thighs are parallel to the floor
  • Hold for 1 minute or as long as possible

Step Ups:

15 reps each leg/2 sets {repeat twice a day}


  • Stand in front of a step or bench and place your left foot on the step
  • Tighten abs and Push your body up until your left leg is straight
  • Return to start and alternate legs

*make sure your step, bench or chair is sturdy and that there is no chance of falling.

Directions: Do each workout {including video} 2x a day for the next 14 days

{Special Thanks to Women’s Health – Women’s Heath UK & Women’s Day for the great images!}

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14 Days to Totally Toned! {ARMS}

ttgfwbHey guys! It’s Monday…Ok, so I’m gonna be honest with you…this is not least favorite day, it always seems so hard for our family to come back from a weekend and have a good groove on Monday, you know what I mean? I have friends that I absolutely adore Mondays and I try…but alas Mondays and I remain at odds.

So I decided to try once again to make friends with Mondays and start challenge  today!  I want to introduce you guys to Gettin Fit with Brit’s 14 Days to Totally Toned!
Join me for the next 5 days as we focus on different parts of the body and cardio! I decided to focus on a different topic each day rather than share them all at one so that you can have time to incorporate each into your already existing daily workout routine! I even have some fun printables for you guys at the end of the week!!

So let’s get started with Monday: Arms


Just a few things before we get started:

  • Use the weight that is right for you. Don’t get over zealous and use a weight that is a lot different then what you are used to, work up to a heavier weight.
  • Feel free to mixed it up with your weights for different moves {it’s ok if you use 10’s for bicep curls and 25’s for deadlifts. Do what is comfortable for you at your current fitness level
  • Swap out dumbells for kettlebells {when applicable}
  • Increase or decrease reps to fit your fitness level

Reps and Sets below are personal suggestions – Do what is right for you – Pick from 2 sets/2x a day {this is what I do}, 1 set/2x a day or 1 set/4x times a day. Work at your level!

Diamond Push Up {or Triangle Push Up}:

10-15 reps/2 sets {repeat twice a day}


  • Get in the push-up position with your hands close together under your chest making a diamond with your thumbs and index fingers
  • Lower your body as far as you can to the ground
  • Press back up.
Bicep Curls:
15 reps/2 sets {repeat twice a day}
  • Hold a pair of dumbbells at your sides, palms facing forward
  • Bend your elbows and curl the weights toward your shoulders
  • Slowly lower the weights back to the starting position, straightening your arms completely.

Arm Circles


15 reps/2 sets {repeat twice a day}

  • Hold your arms straight out to the sides with palms facing up.
  • Circle forward 15 times
  • then backward 15 times.
  • {optional}Flip your palms so they face the floor and repeat the sequence
Deadlift to High Pull {psst – I like to use a Kettlebell for this!}:
15 reps/2 sets {repeat twice a day}
  • Hold dumbbells in front of your thighs, palms facing your legs, feet hip-width apart
  • Lean forward and lower your torso until you are almost parallel to the floor
  • Push your hips forward to return to standing
  • Pull dumbbells up to your chest.
  • Return to start
Triceps Extension {psst – I like to use a Kettlebell for this!}:
15 reps/2 sets {repeat twice a day}
  • Hold dumbbell head with both hands and lift the weight overhead, arms straight above your head
  • Bend your elbows to lower the weight slowly behind your head
  • Straighten your arms returning to start
Chest Press and Fly
15 reps/2 sets {repeat twice a day}
lift more_final
  • Lay down with your back stability ball, holding dumbbells at your chest, palms facing each other
  • Push the weights straight up
  • Open your arms wide, lowering the weights out to the sides
  • Reverse move returning to start
1 Minute {repeat twice a day}
Starting at the top of a pushup position,
bend your elbows and lower yourself down until your body straight line.
 hold for 60 seconds. If you can’t make it to 60 seconds, hold for 5 to 10 seconds and rest for 5 seconds, continuing for 1 minute. Focus on form: Don’t drop your hips or raise your butt.

OPTIONAL: Don’t forget my favorite 5 minute Arm workout from POPSUGAR!

Directions: Do each workout {including video} 2x a day for the next 14 days

{Special Thanks to Women’s Health & Women’s Heath UK  & Real Simple for the great images and POPSUGAR for their always amazing workout videos!}

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Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle FINAL DAYS!!

**IMPORTANT**  the Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle Sale is being EXTENDED until 12:00 PM PDT, September 16th (tomorrow).

Due to server issues on 9/15 the sale is being extended!! HURRY and Order NOW!!!


If you were still trying to decide on purchasing The Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle now is the time to order! Remember the sale only goes until tomorrow Monday, September 15 ending at 9:59 PM EST. SO HURRY!

The Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle is the perfect addition to our family’s lifestyle! Below I did a spotlight on three topics that I’m really excited about

  • Fitness
  • Meal Budgeting and Planning
  • Alternative Health and Home Remedies

These are only three topics included in this fantastic bundle!!!

Remember there are only 30,000 bundles are available so don’t don’t wait too long to make your purchase and I promise you will not be disappointed!

Click here for more info or to buy now.


Click here for more info or to buy now.

The Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle will only be on sale for 6 days – from 8am EST on Wednesday, September 10 until 11:59pm EST on Monday, September 15.

But don’t wait until the last moment – there are only 30,000 bundles available and once they’re gone, they’re gone!

Topic Spotlight:


Each week, you’ll see two challenges. One is a food challenge with (again) realistic dietary changes that focus on not only eliminating junk foods, but just as importantly, replacing those foods with healthier choices. The other challenge is an exercise plan that is custom-written by Real Fit Moms, specifically for mothers.


In depth explanation about this disorder

Options to repairing your stomach muscles. (Did you know there is a non-surgical option for healing diastasis recti?)

Danielle N. Baethge will introduce you to some surgery helps: simple tips and real food recipes and naturalremedies that are renowned for wound healing.

She will also share tips for surgery while breastfeeding and surgery with small children.

WHAT YOU’LL FIND in Get up & GO!

Are you looking for fresh ideas to get your children up and moving? Do you have trouble fitting a workout into your own busy schedule? Are individual fitness routines tearing your family life apart? Then it sounds like you need a little GET UP & GO! As a mother of 12, author Jennifer Flanders has no choice but to stay physically active. Her husband and children provide her with plenty of reasons to GET UP & GO, and the family all works — and plays — together to keep fitness fun!


Everyone who joins this challenge is making a pact to eat only real food for 7 days!

If you want to get really serious about this challenge and take full advantage of the support you can get from this group – this is for you. Making a big lifestyle change can be difficult on your own but with a huge group of people doing it along with you it is a lot easier – and a lot more fun!


“It seems that as soon as the calendar turns December 26, our minds want to fast forward one week and forget that there’s still six days left of the year.  We being to think about the previous year… what was good, what wasn’t so good… and we contemplate some changes so that the next year has a little more “rights” and a little less “wrongs.”


“When I first started cooking I had no idea where to start. I dug my heels in and from there built my knowledge to the comfortable level I’m at today. This book takes you through the steps I took to teach myself how to become a better home cook. By following these steps you can start your own journey into confidence and joy in the kitchen.” Lindsay Moe


How to Create a budget that allows you to prioritize organic food costs without resorting to your credit card

Outlined what you can safely “cheat” on if you need to

Broken down the exact steps we’ve used to cut our budget in half (or more!)

The entire Making Organic Food Affordable process is laid out in a easy to use system.


Getting healthy home-cooked meals on the table doesn’t have to be stressful, time-consuming or expensive. In fact, it can be quite the opposite! In Meal Planning Made Easy, you’ll learn an easy, step-by-step meal planning system that will help you better nourish your family with the awesome added benefits of saving time, money and stress! And you’ll also discover proven “Cook Once, Eat Twice or More” strategies that make getting a healthy meal on the table a snap!


  • FAQS
  • Meal Planning & Dinnertime Preparation
  • Breakfast Planner
  • Lunch Planner
  • Dinner Planner
  • Favorite Brands

and SO SO SO much more!

  • Money Saving Mom’s Guide to Freezer Cooking by Crystal Paine @ Money Saving Mom®($2.99)


Title Page that says “Recipe Binder”
Recipe Index Page (to put in the front of your binder so you can easily find all your recipes)
Recipes To Try Page
Freezer Inventory Page
Pantry Inventory Page
Refrigerator Inventory Page
Notes Page
Weekly Menu Planner (with a Monday start)
Weekly Menu Planner (with a Sunday start)

and much more


Do you ever wonder about artificial food dyes?  Where did they come from?  What are they made of?  Are they really safe?

If that describes you, then you will love Can I Get A Pickle Without Yellow 5, Please?.

This book covers the history, research, and natural alternatives for synthetic food dyes.


How to create your own natural medicine cabinet

How to use essential oil remedies

Top herbs & essential oils to keep on hand at all times

25 simple recipes for natural remedies you can use on the whole family

How to make herbal bar soap


If you’ve felt lost or overwhelmed in the sea of information, this booklet is for you. Rather than providing still MORE detailed information about the uses of specific oils, this lays out the basics, enabling the reader to build a foundation of understanding on which to stack all the other information out there.



The Body’s Ability to Heal

Observation as a Healing Tool


Children’s Dosages

Fever as an Ally

and so much more!


If you spend any time outside in the warm weather, you’ll want some kind of protection from mosquitoes. Repelled is designed to help you find safe methods of protection.

The 27-page eBook includes natural prevention techniques, as well as 7 different homemade repellent recipes.


Emily shares easy recipes anyone can prepare, including main dishes, sides, desserts and beverages. You’ll be amazed at the variety of delicious, nutrient-dense foods that will actually heal your eczema from the inside out…pizza, Mexican carnitas, sauerkraut, kombucha, ice cream, fudge and much, much more.


Health starts with your metabolism. But if your diet and lifestyle don’t support your metabolic health, you’ll be left feeling tired, moody, and stressed–and wondering why all this “healthy” advice you’re following isn’t working for you!

Find out which hidden causes of stress are ruining your metabolic health, and learn how you can reduce or counteract these sources of stress.

Learn how digestionsleep, and exercise are all connected to your metabolism, and learn which smallchanges can make a big difference in your health.


The Postpartum Herbal Guide is an introductory booklet to herbs for new mothers.
Topics include: how to make a herbal infusion, herbs for the postpartum time, traditional chinese postpartum bone broth recipe, herbs and breastfeeding and how to make your own sitz bath mix.  
Learn how to use herbs to support and strengthen your postpartum body and to heal minor ailments. Make your postpartum time a nourishing one. 

Click here for more info or to buy now.

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My favorite iPad case! {Trident Kraken A.M.S}


When it comes my iPad I want it to be protected and secure, after all I have three kids who take over my iPad whenever they are given the opportunity! I have had the absolute worst time finding iPad cases that I like that was actually protective and functional not only for myself, but for homeschooling and for my kids to use. I’ve had many cases, some of the magnetizing cases are great at first but almost every single one I’ve had has demagnetized after just a short amount time and literally just falls off?!? The folio cases are great as well in fact I was sure this style would be my absolute faves…but the binding eventually starts wearing out! What’s a girl to do? I was thrilled when my friend Niki from Trident Case sent me a case to use and enjoy! I am so excited to introduce you to my brand-new iPad case the Trident – Kraken A.M.S.

Kraken A.M.S. Series cases are the absolute strongest, most durable cases we make. The Kraken A.M.S. case for tablets consists of shock-absorbing silicone inner layer, covered by a hardened polycarbonate outer-casing, with a built-in screen protector, to provide maximum protection.


As soon as I opened the package I was impressed with the Trident Kraken AMS case. Oh, I got hot pink {of course} it comes in a bunch of other great colors! 

  • Black
  • Blue
  • Red 
  • Purple
  • Orange
  • Green
  • Maroon 

My hubby wants the Green {it’s Seahawks green baby!}

This case has three different parts – front plate, silicone sleeve, back plate to ensure ultimate protection!


Check out this awesome video from trade-ins YouTube page talk about giving your iPad case a run for its money huh!?

So there are some things that I love about Trident:

944755_630625486950133_283472548_nThese cases are TOUGH! Trust me my kids have dropped my iPad face down on concrete and NOTHING…not even a scratch! 

Check out this tough test that Trident did on the Kraken A.M.S case

Trident cases are proudly made in the United States they have a factory in California! All Trident cases are manufactured and assembled right here in the United States!

Trident cases are biodegradable!


 The cool thing about the Trident cases is that they’re not just for Apple products! They cover the ENTIRE spectrum!

Trident Cases_130910050927_lrg



So, do you have a tablet or smart phone? If so you NEED a Trident case! I cannot wait to see what they have in store for the iPhone 6 & 6+. I will of course have to match my 6+ case to my iPad! 



 Special Thank You to Niki from Trident for providing me with my beloved Kraken AMS iPad case!

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What’s in the Bible? 17 Hour Sale!!!

Hey guys! Remember last month when I shared with you the night owl sale that What’s in the Bible was having? Well,  guess what… IT’S BACK… for 17 hours starting today and ending tomorrow {9/12} at 11 AM Eastern time! The best part…you can save up to 60% on DVDs! 


Pick up 3 DVDs for $20, 4 for $25, 5 for $30 … all the way up to 9 for $50!

PLUS!!!! Get free standard US shipping on all orders over $25! Here’s the catch it’s…

17 Hours ONLY! 

Mix and match between the What’s In The Bible? series, Clive & Ian’s Wonder-Blimp of Knowledge, and Why Do We Call It Christmas?

Last month I got volumes 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and my kids couldn’t of been more thrilled!


Click HERE to take advantage of this awesome 17 hour sale

If you are not familiar with What’s in the Bible have a look! You will NOT be disappointed!

Don’t forget to enter my Giveaway going on RIGHT NOW for a What’s in the Bible Vol. 1 DVD! ENTER HERE!


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Hats Full of HOPE One for One

hfoh copySeptember is National Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. This is a VERY difficult subject for most parents to talk about. 9 times out of 10 some one has been effected by a child with cancer. We have had many friends to who have had a child {or two} who has battled or is currently battling cancer. In most case these precious little ones are between the ages of 18 months and 6, but did you know that although rare some adults are diagnosed with Childhood cancers. Honestly, I didn’t know until our sweet May 2013 Bride and Groom Sarena and Booby {my hubby and I are wedding photographers} email us just weeks before their wedding telling us that he had been diagnosed with a very rare childhood cancer…his is only the 61 to be diagnosed.


Bobby continues his battle some days are good and some are not so good.

Fast forward to last summer when his lovely brand new wife asked me if I would crochet Booby some hats for him during chemo. In talking to her I learned that hats from children {and men and women} going through chemo is VERY important.  Then just a few weeks later I was contacted through my etsy shop by a young mother who’s 4-year-old daughter was going through chemo and wanted to know if I could make some super soft hats for her little girl, I of course said yes and made her a number of different hats. Over the last year I have been blessed and honored to crochet hats for not only these precious children but other and men and women who are going through chemo.

Last month I was contacted by the mom I mentioned above wanting to place an order for family who is now going through chemo with their little girl. It was after talking with her that Hats Full of HOPE One for One was born.


The Mission of Hats Full of HOPE One for One:

To donate handmade beautiful and very soft hats to children with cancer who are going through chemo and/or treatments and to raise Childhood Cancer Awareness! My hope is that when these precious brave children receive a Hats Full of HOPE hat that they will know that a stranger is thinking about them and bring some much needed cheer to their day, and of course keep their sweet head warm and cozy!

Hat Donation Info:
Donations will be made to several different Cancer Centers including local and national as well as Crochet for Cancer. (if you would like to suggest a cancer center please feel free to send me a private message!) Donations will be made in increments of 10.

Each Hat:
Is lovingly hand crocheted with ultra soft acrylic yarn (no wool due to sensitivity.) The yarn I use had been tested and approved by multiple children and adults battling cancer and going through chemo.

If you would like to place a Hats Full of HOPE One for One order, please visit Cute as a Fox!


Through the month of September each donated hat will be made in children’s sizes (from baby-teen)

Please consider supporting Childhood Cancer Research:




Inland-Northwest-Website Logo








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The Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle 2014 is HERE!!

Disclosure: I have included affiliate links in this post. Read the fine print about this bundle and read the answers to frequently asked questions about the bundle.

**IMPORTANT**  the Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle Sale is being EXTENDED until 12:00 PM PDT, September 16th (tomorrow).

Due to server issues on 9/15 the sale is being extended!! HURRY and Order NOW!!!

I’m so excited to announce that The Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle 2014 is HERE! Once again the Bundle is amazing!  Let me tell you all about The Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle:

So, heres the thing we all want to make better health and lifestyle decisions for ourselves and those we love, right? We want to lose some weight, have more energy, use greener products, create nutritious meals for our families, get fit, and feel confident that we’re doing all we can to prevent serious diseases,  Right? But sometimes it easy to get overwhelmed…

That’s where The Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle comes in. For the ridiculously low price of just $29.97 (for the PDF version) or $39.97 (for the eReader version), you can get access to a carefully curated collection of eBooks and eCourses with a total combined value of $1,030.



The bundle contains a wealth of information from the very finest healthy living writers out there – but there’s no risk of getting overwhelmed! A useful Getting Started Guide is included with your purchase, which will help you identify the most valuable resources for your specific health priorities.

The Ultimate Bundles team has done all the hard work for you – finding the top experts across a number of healthy living fields and combining their products into one essential collection. If you want to take control of your health, there’s no better way to start!

The Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle will only be on sale for 6 days – from 8am EST on Wednesday, September 10 until 11:59pm EST on Monday, September 15.

But don’t wait until the last moment – there are only 30,000 bundles available and once they’re gone, they’re gone!

You can buy with confidence because your purchase is covered by the Ultimate Bundles one-year guarantee: you have a full year to enjoy all the books and courses in the bundle, and if you don’t feel like it’s made a huge difference to your family’s health, you’ll get your money back in full!

Click here for more info or to buy now.

As if this great collection of eBooks and eCourses wasn’t enough, the Ultimate Bundles team has also partnered with 10 fantastic companies who’ve each agreed to give a special bonus to every buyer. The bonuses have a total value of over $200 – more than 5 times the price of the Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle itself!

The bonuses include free goodies aplenty: a bottle of Healthy Mouth Blend from OraWellness, a baltic amber bracelet from Sweetbottoms Boutique, and a starter culture from Cultures For Health. You’ll also get gift sets from Made On Skin Care Products and Homegrown Collective.

There are virtual goodies, too – a 4-month membership to StayAtHomeYoga.com and a 3-month premium membership to meal planning service Tradishen. And as if all that weren’t enough, there are also $15 gift certificates for TheJoyfulGiraffe.com, Strawesome.com and Trilight Health. There is a nominal shipping charge for many of the bonuses, based on each company’s standard shipping rates, and is usually $3-5.

Here’s what you need to know about the sale:

When? 7 a.m. EST Wednesday, September 10 until 11:59 p.m. EST Monday, September 15

What? 73 eBooks and 7 audio & eCourses, PLUS over $200 worth of bonus products you’ll really use!

Where? Purchase the bundle HERE.

How much? Well now, that’s the best part. The entire package is worth $1030, and it’s selling for less than $30. Sweet deal, right?

Click here for more info or to buy now.

Want to know exactly what’s included in the bundle?

Take a look through the categories, as well as the full list of eBooks and eCourses.

We think there’s something here for everyone, and don’t forget… our Getting Started Guide will show you exactly which resources cover the topics and health concerns that matter most to you!

Alternative Health & Home Remedies

Audio Courses & eCourses


Gardening & Homesteading

Green Cleaning

Healthy Children

Meal Budgeting & Planning

Natural Beauty & Skincare

Real Food Recipes


Special Diets

Click here for more info or to buy now.

Remember, this bundle is available for 6 days only, from 7 a.m. (EST) on Wednesday, September 10th to 11:59 p.m. (EST) on Monday, September 15th.

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