FlipBelt GIVEAWAY!!!!

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Remember last month when I told you all about FlipBelt – the coolest fitness accessory ever? {Read it HERE!} GUESS WHAT?!?!? I’m giving one away!!


the “FlipBelt” printed on the belt is a reflector!!!

unnamedIs it comfortable?

Yes! Recently our family went on a fairly long mountain hike, since I of course had my FlipBelt I carried my phone & our car keys {notice in the photo the keys are quite bulky} I couldn’t even tell I was carrying anything! Since the belt is double layered there is no poking or jabbing!

Does it stay on?

Yes! Honestly I was a little concerned that it would slip down during my more active workouts. I’m here to tell you that is just NOT the case! It doesn’t matter what my work out it…Running, weights, HIIT, Battle Rope…It has never once slipped no matter how many times I have ‘tested’ it!

What I LOVE about FlipBelt:

  • Awesome Colors {I love my hot pink!}
  • VERY comfortable
  • Machine washable
  • Very Easy to put on and take off
  • Stay put and snug on hips
  • Only costs $28.99
  • Perfect to wear while running, hiking, biking, and pretty much any activity including just playing with the kids
  • Reflective Lettering {you can wear it in either the front or the back!}

A few things I wouldn’t put in my FlipBelt {since these items are very small they could find a way to slip out}

  • Coins
  • Jewelry {like wedding ring or earrings

Bottom Line: If you are active – {Hiker, runner, gym lover} and want to be hands free but still have all your ‘stuff’ then the FlipBelt was tailor-made for you!

You can purchase a FlipBelt HERE


I have partnered with FlipBelt to give one lucky reader a FlipBelt! Click below to enter!


Rafflecopter Giveaway!

*Giveaway will run from 8/28/14 – 9/8/14  A winner will be selected 9/8/14 – contacted via email friday 9/9/14 *U.S Residents


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SHARKS Chalk Pastels ebook from Southern Hodgepodge GIVEAWAY!!!

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Art for All Ages

Last fall I introduced you to our favorite art curriculum: A Simple Start in Chalk Pastels from Southern Hodgepodge? {read it here!} Since starting the curriculum our ENTIRE family loves art…especially pastels! We love all the Southern Hodgepodge pastels ebooks…but…my kids were beyond thrilled when they found out we had gotten a brand new pastels book about…SHARKS from the lovely Tricia Hodges!!! The Sharks Pastels was the perfect addition to our under the sea unit study we are doing for the month of September! But I couldn’t make my little wait until we started our study, so we broke out the pastels and went shark crazy!

Shark Art Tutorials


There are a bunch of different Sharks you can draw when you purchase a copy of the book, like…

  • Great White
  • Hammerhead
  • Zebra Shark
  • White (or black) tip reef shark
  • Night Shark
  • Flying Sharks
  • Shark Fin
  • Cookiecutter Shark
  • Goblin Shark
  • Whale Shark

How to Draw a Great White Shark!!



  • Sharks e-book
  • Pastels
  • Paper {either white or construction. My kids really like using blue or black paper for their Shark drawings}

I would also recommend having hairspray {this will set you little artists art work and prevent the chalk from getting all over EVERYTHING. Also, have a wet wash cloth or hand wipes nearby for dirty hands!


There are so more AMAZING Chalk Pastels books from Southern Hodgepodge…trust me you WILL want them all!

  • Sharks chalk pastel arch for all ages e-book
  • A simple start in chalk pastels e-book bundle
  • chalk pastels through the seasons e-book
  • a seasonal starred in full chalk pastels e-book
  • a simple start in Christmas chalk pastels e-book
  • a simple start in chalk pastels: winter Olympics e-book
  • a seasonal start in spring chalk pastels
  • chalk pastels: art at the beach

There are also some really great bundles!

Art  for All ages complete e-book bundle – includes:

  • a simple start and talk pastels
  • chalk pastels through the seasons
  • a seasonal start in fall chalk pastels
  • a simple start in Christmas chalk pastels
  • a seasonal start in spring chalk pastels
  • chalk pastels are at the beach

Chalk pastels through the seasons e-book bundle – includes:

  • chalk pastels through the seasons
  • a seasonal start in fall chalk pastels
  • a simple start in Christmas chalk pastels
  • a seasonal start in spring chalk pastels

Help for homeschool e-book bundle – includes:

  • a simple start and chalk pastels
  • chalk pastels through the seasons
  • help! I’m homeschooling!
  • Return of the routine

You can buy SHARKS! and all the other wonderful Chalk Pastel books here!


I have partnered with Tricia Hodges to give one lucky reader a copy of the SHARKS! e-book! Click below to enter!

enterCPRafflecopter Giveaway!

*Giveaway will run from 8/27/14 – 9/7/14  A winner will be selected 9/7/14 – contacted via email friday 9/8/14 *U.S Residents


Special Thank You to Tricia Hodges & Southern Hodgepodge for providing me with this Sharks! e-book!

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The 2014 Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle is COMING SOON!!

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“Are you living your life at optimal health? Are you full of energy, with a clear mind, and your ideal weight? Do you sleep soundly every night, and maintain your optimal weight? When you eat, do you usually feel strengthened and ready to face the challenges of the day. If you said “no” to any of these questions, this bundle is for you. It’s jam-packed full of the tools you need to take control of your own health, and the health of your family.”  -The Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle 

Refer and SAVE! 


SIGN up here!

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Onnit Battle Rope Review and GIVEAWAY!

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OBRBIf you’ve been following me for any length of time then you know my love for fitness and workouts! Recently Onnit sent me a Royal Battle Rope {50ft. -1.5 in. thick}

to workout with! From the first time my husband and I used it we were in love with the Onnit Battle Rope! If you have ever done a High-intensity interval training {HIIT} workout then you know that 30 seconds isn’t a quick as it seems. Add a Battle Rope into the mix and whoa…30 seconds is taken to an entirely different level, talk about a hardcore, body transforming workout!

Never heard of “Battle Ropes”? That’s ok, Battle Rope workouts are a fairly new craze {you might remember seeing contestants on NBC’s Biggest Loser using them}

What’s a Battle Rope?

A battle rope is simply a length Onnit Battle Ropes are 40 -50 feet in length and between 1.5 – 2 inches in diameter and weighing up to about 30lbs.

How to use a Battle Rope:

Onnit Battle Ropes are 40 and 50 ft. There are a few ways to use Battle Ropes:OBRAN

  • Battle Rope {Common use}: Attached/wrap the center of the rope around a secure anchor point {like a basketball pole for example} Then stretch out the rope and hold on the handles and you are good to go!ONBR
  • With a Partner: You and your partner each hold on to one handle, stretch rope out {this will result in you and your partner being 50ft apart} and begin workout!
  • Pull Through: Leave the rope coiled up with one handle visible, pull until you reach the other end of the rope

Battle ropes exercises are then done by lifting the end of the rope and making whipping motions {this look like waves} or dragging the ropes back and forth {this looks like slithering snakes} around. The goal is to maintain these movements for as long as possible…it’s hard…but it IS a lot of fun! Check out the Onnit video below!


Benefits of a Battle Rope Workout:

Battle Ropes are great for all fitness levels and they are considered low impact, so really anyone can use them! Because Battle Rope training involves non-stop full body training, you engage everything – arms, legs and core for an amazing calorie torching, fat burning sweaty workout!ONBRA

What I LOVE about Onnit:

  • Fast Workouts {15-20 minute workouts will kick your butt!}
  • Workout with a Partner {My husband and I LOVE workout together! Onnit Battle Ropes take it to a whole new level!}
  • Great Cardio Workout
  • Mix Up your Workouts…NEVER get Board Again!
  • Torch TONS of Calories FAST {300-500 calories per HALF HOUR!!! WHOA!}
  • Build Muscle And Burn Fat Simultaneously
  • Take Battle Ropes ANYWHERE {the biggest ropes are only about 30 lbs.}
  • Awesome Strength Training
  • Build Amazing Endurance

ONBRBWhen the Onnit Royal Battle Rope arrived I was beyond excited! Not only is this rope just amazing…it’s really pretty {I love purple}

If you can manage to get your hands on some battle ropes here’s an example of the kind of battle ropes workout you could put yourself through. This workout uses the principles of interval training for producing maximum fat loss. Each interval below is performed 15 seconds on and 15 seconds off. Adjust the intervals to suit your needs as appropriate.

Some of our favorite Battle Rope workouts:


  • Double waves: keep a wave in the rope for as long as possible
  • Double rope slams: lift the rope high and slam it down to create as big a wave as possible
  • Moguls: jump side to side to create horizontal waves
  • Jump slams:  jump up and down to wave and slam
  • Crossovers: horizontal waves while crossing arms

My personal Success! 

In the past few weeks that I have been using my battle rope, I have gained strength, endurance, and more energy! I have started seeing definition I haven’t seen in a really long time. I feel less tired during the day following a battle rope workout {I can DEFINITELY tell when I have missed a battle rope day!} My husband and I use the battle rope in our home {downstairs where we have a large room!} We also take it everywhere…local schools, tennis courts and basketball courts…We basically have a gym anywhere we go! My husband has increase strength and endurance as well as giving his upper body an extra workout, which he loves.

We would both recommend the Onnit Battle Rope to anyone who wants to gain stamina, do a fun and intense workout, or just simply looking to switch things up in their daily workout!

Buy it HERE!


My awesome friends over at Onnit want to give one lucky winner a Onnit Royal Battle Rope 50ft. -1.5 in. thick {The same one as mine!!!} How cool is that! To enter simply click below!

OnnitRafflecopter Giveaway

*Giveaway will run from 8/25/14 – 9/2/14  A winner will be selected 9/2/14 – contacted via email friday 9/3/14 *U.S Residents


Special Thank You to Jennifer at Onnit for providing me with this amazing Battle Rope!!

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Exercise Cards by Workout Labs

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Do you find it hard to find time to exercise? Is it a day-to-day struggle? Well I’ve got the answer for you! Check out these Exercise Cards from WorkoutLabs!

IMG_4180WorkoutLabs Exercise Cards are an actual deck of cards! They are the same size as regular playing cards but instead of queen of diamonds or the king of hearts, you get 40 bodyweight exercise cards {green cards}, 10 stretch cards {red cards}  and 6 easy-to-follow workout routines {green cards} Each card is numbered so you can find exactly what you need! There is even a blank workout card for you to create your very own work out with the workouts you want to do or the parts of your body that you want to target!


Take your Exercise Cards anywhere! No matter where you are you’ll have everything you need for an awesome and intense 15 minute workout! Oh yeah, the cards are waterproof, how cool is that!

The Body Weight Cards

The front of each card:

photo 2

  • Name of workout
  • Illustration of how to do the workout {fig. a/fig.b}
  • Card number {bottom left}

The back of each card:

photo 3

  • Tells what muscle group (s) are targeted
  • Workout instructions

The Stretch Cards

The front of each card:

photo 1 copy

  • Name of stretch
  • Illustration of how to do the stretch {fig. a/fig.b}
  • Card number {bottom left}

The back of each card:

photo 2 copy

  • Tells what muscle group (s) are targeted
  • Workout instructions

The Workout Routine Cards

The front of each card:

photo 3 copy

  • Name of Routine {ex. Turbo Charged Morning Workout}
  • How long it will take
  • What muscle group(s) are targeted
  • Summary of workout

The back of each card:

photo 4

  • What cards you need for the workout {match the numbers from each bodyweight card}
  • Duration of each workout
  • Rest Time
  • How many times you need to repeat
  • Tips on how to increase difficulty

Why I LOVE my WorkoutLabs Exercise Cards!

  • I can throw them in my purse or my Zumba bag, or even in the glove box of the car and I have the ability to do awesome work out anywhere and anytime!
  • There is no equipment needed for these cards. Each card has a breakdown of the workout, how to do it and how many reps!
  • There is a Men’s Deck and Women’s Deck! Each deck is jammed packed with workouts specifically geared to the gender! Even though my hubby and I do a lot of the same workouts, he does more reps and more weight…so he needs his own deck ;)
  • Easy to use! I like getting my ready the night before, that way no matter how hectic my morning is the cards are ready to go!! It’s foolproof.
  • You feel the BURN!


One of my favorite Workout Routine Cards is the Turbo Charged Morning Workout! The first day I did it, I remember thinking ‘I don’t even have to repeat this?’ I was shocked at how sweaty and exhausted I was by the end of it {I was REALLY glad it didn’t have a repeat!} Every morning I do this Card I’m ready to conquer the day afterwards!

photo-7The Repeat Timer Pro iOS is the Exercise Cards best friend and will be yours too! Get in the app store NOW! {a FREE Version is available too!}

I love my Exercise Cards and I look forward to using them every day. It’s fun to create my own targeted workouts! No more ho-hum, I can mix it up every day!!

WorkoutLabs isn’t just a one trick pony with these awesome cards, but they also have AWESOME 8-Week Exercise & Nutrition Programs, Workout Packs {$4.95!} and FREE Printable Workouts!

If you haven’t grabbed up your Deck of Exercise Cards you NEED to!




Special Thank You to William founder of Workout Labs for providing me with these awesome cards!

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What’s in the Bible 16 Hour SALE! DON’T MISS OUT!



Do you LOVE What’s in the Bible? Have you been wanting to stock up on DVD’s for birthdays and Christmas? NOW is the time! 

Save up to 60% on DVDs!

Pick up 3 DVDs for $20, 4 for $25, 5 for $30 … all the way up to 9 for $50!

Mix and match between the What’s In The Bible? series, Clive & Ian’s Wonder-Blimp of Knowledge, and Why Do We Call It Christmas?

PLUS!!!! Get free standard US shipping on all orders over $25! Here’s the catch it’s…

16 Hours ONLY! 

Click HERE to take advantage of the 16 hour sale

If you are not familiar with What’s in the Bible have a look! You will NOT be disappointed!

Now I’m off to stock up!

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Are you READY!? 




Every 19 seconds, a woman is diagnosed with breast cancer | JOIN THE MOVEMENT!

Four years ago Zumba launched the Party in Pink™ charity campaign in the fight against breast cancer. Since then, together with Zumba® Instructors and fans, they have raised over $4 million (us) worldwide!!!! Amazing right!? Last year they took it to the next level and work towards preventing breast cancer before it starts with the Zumba® Global Research Grant for Breast Cancer Prevention. This year they are doing it again!

How to get involved!

Attend a local ZUMBATHON event! 

Find a PARTY IN PINK™ Zumbathon near you HERE!!

Attend a Party in Pink™ Zumbathon® charity event between August 1 and October 31, 2014. This year’s goal is US$1 million, and all funds you donate will go to the Zumba® Global Research Grant for Breast Cancer Prevention. That means 75% of ticket fees from any Party in Pink™Zumbathon® charity event you attend will go directly toward breast cancer prevention research, with absolutely no administration fees from Susan G. Komen or Zumba.

Shop 2014 PARTY IN PINK™ Zumba Gear! 

Even if you aren’t planning on going to a PARTY IN PINK™ event you can still grab some cute Zumba gear and support something that means so much!



Get  you gear HERE!

30% of all Party in Pink™ Zumba® wear merchandise sold will be donated to the Zumba® Global Research Grant for Breast Cancer Prevention.


Share on Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram and twitter! Post all your Pink Zumba Gear, Classes, fun and Zumba Friends using hashtag #PARTYINPINK! Let’s make this movement even bigger! pip_power_share

Breast Cancer support and research has always been very important to me, my aunt battled breast cancer more than a decade ago and kicked its butt. I know that is not always the case and have very close friends who have lost their moms, sisters, and friends. It NEVER gets easy to lose a friend or see my friends lose loved ones.

Things always happen for a reason and sometimes in funny little ways. On Wednesday of last week my husband and I went out with our besties. My friend Kara is a {my favorite} Zumba instructor, she invited me to the local Zumbathon coming up on October 5th {Spokane, WA}. I LOVE Zumba…I look like a fool when I do it…but I LOVE IT! Of course I was in! While driving home I told my husband that I will go in support of my Auntie and two of my friends who lost their moms. Then, Friday came, the phone rang…My dear friend {who wishes to remain anonymous} had just been diagnosed with a high degree of Breast Cancer. She’s a wife, she’s a mom, she’s scared. I will be at the Zumbathon for her!

I know that every single one of you reading this has been touched by Breast Cancer and you can probably think of someone you want to shake it a Party in Pink™ for! {If you would like to share stories or prayer request please leave me a comment – I do mediate so if you don’t want your story to posted publicly let me know when you leave your comment!}

Never done Zumba? 

That’s totally ok! This would be the perfect event to get you hooked…and you will…I PROMISE!

Check out these fun Zumba Routines to get you started!!

Look for more Zumba fun in the days and weeks to come! If you would like to attend Spokane’s Party in Pink™ click HERE for more information as well as date, time and location!

Visit partyinpink.com for more information
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