My Favorite Atlas!!! Children’s Atlas of God’s World


Today I’m reviewing is the Children’s Atlas of God‘s World from Master Books (a division of New Leaf Publishing).


Take your Child on a Biblically Inspired tour of the World!

From the moment we ripped open the package…and I do mean ripped we have been in love with this book! My oldest son {age 8} loves geography and was hooked from page one! He LOVES that it is an atlas from a Christian worldview…yes he really said that :) He is spouting facts to anyone who will listen!

His thoughts on this book:

Every kid should have this book to learn about places and people all over the world! The pictures are really colorful and fun to look at!

IMG_8515 IMG_8499 IMG_8500 IMG_8501 IMG_8503IMG_8506

This oversized book explores all seven continents and focuses on 22 specific countries. The book is first broken into sections on each continent, then after the initial continent page several of the countries on that particular continent are highlighted. We LOVE how each country has statistics listed as well as the country’s flag, map, currency, the main language {that is a favorite in my family} as well as photos from each country! They are colorful! Have a family of five I wasn’t at all shocked to have dozens of sticky finger touching each page. The page are easily wiped and VERY sturdy…something that is very important when it comes to books in my home! There is also Historical and geographical information on each page. I love the way they introduce it in child-friendly manner with short paragraphs so it is easy for young readers to explore on their own. All with a solid Christian backing! Now, does this mean this book is only for Christians? Absolutely not! Any family weather they are Christians or not will enjoy every single page in this book!

This Atlas would absolutely be a great resource to any home whether a homeschooling home or not. The beautiful pictures compliment the accurate and interesting information. My Children…and my husband…and myself can and have spent hours just soaking in all the wonderful information this book/Atlas has to offer!

A few of my favorite things:

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the size of this book! When you have multiple children two of whom are twin you want a big book everyone can see!

I love the colorful pages and they pictures

I love the side margin facts on each country page

I love that it is backed with a “God is the Creator” theme!

This will absolutely be our go to Atlas this up coming school year and for many more to come!

I am so blessed to be apart of the Moms of Master Books Review Team! Master Books really scored on this one!

The Details:

96 FULL color Pages packed full of facts


Facts about biomes, oceans, continents, and much much more

Facts about geographic locations, famous buildings, and people groups

You can purchase it for $18.99

  • 319913_106872916094007_716139645_n

You can go see what other Moms of Master Books have to say about Children’s Atlas of God’s World!

*As a blogger for New Leaf Publishers I received this book published by Master Books, part of the New Leaf Publishing Group. I was in no way persuaded to give a positive review. 


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