My little Prince & Princess

Simon and Gabriella are getting big Simon is 46 % for weight and 67% for height! Gabbi is 31% for weight and 62% for height! They are on their way to being little crawlers! They roll everywhere that they wan to go! They have been eating all kinds of food! Simon Loves corn & applesauce , Gabbi Loves peas & applesauce. This week I am going to try butternut Squash.
We have been waiting the whole month for Si’s bottom 2 teeth to break through…they still haven’t …it has been quite the event! Si is a watcher, he likes to take it all in and then respond…normally with a giggle! He also wants to crawl, but he is my little cuddler and is happy just to snuggle mama! He his a very happy little man!
Gabbi is a little giggler, she laughs at everything and everyone, she is happy all the time! She so badly wants to crawl and do what she wants to do!! However she does have bossy side and has no problem making her wants be known! He loves her own voice, I have been woke up many a night to her & Si singing and talking to each other!

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