I love my MOBY!

Since the twins were about 6days old we (Abe & I each have one) have carried the twins in Moby wraps when we go out! They are the single most wonderful baby item we have! I can’t tell you how much easier it makes shopping, going for walks, going to church, and just about any task around the house!! Abe even took down our deck canopy with Si in the Moby! I have carried both in one when they have both been extra fussy and it calmed them so quickly! We didn’t have anything like this with Elias and I can’t tell you how difficult it was to do thing around the house when he was tired or not feeling good or just wanted me! The twins love them and more often then not they fall asleep after just minute in them! We were even able to go shopping on Black Friday with no worries! Now that the babies have gotten bigger they are able to face outward instead of inward, in fact last Sunday we walked into Starbucks and within about 30 seconds we had 3 people stop us to ask us about what we think of them, one girl who worked there even said when she got off work she was going to buy one! Today Gabbi is a little fussy so…its Moby time.

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