What’s in our words?

Stop and think about how words effect other people, both positive and negative.

This past week I was shopping in kids store, where I over heard a lady telling someone that she just found out she is having twin boys! Of course I was excited to talk to her. I told that my twins are 5 ½ months old and how much fun it is! She seemed to be happy to have someone to talk with. She was with her husband and her 5 yr old step daughter. As we were talking she asked me a bunch of questions about giving birth to twins, feeding twins and just about having twins. It was really fun to be the person with twins! I remember being the one who would stop ladies when I saw they had twins to ask all about it! After we had talked for probably 20 minutes they needed to go and both her and her husband thanked me for talking with them, Because I was the 1st person who gave them encouraging words about having twins…even their Doctor and ultrasound tech. where less than helpful.
But the hardest part for me to here about was the friends and strangers who don’t even have twins, giving their take on it, saying things like, twins usually die, most women don’t even make it to 30 weeks, one will probably have serious medical issues, you know you might die and a lot more of that…I was totally shocked, I could believe that this poor women has been in a state of fear for the last 5 months because people who have never even carried twins, thought that because they heard on the news or have a cousin with twins, felt that they were qualified to give their advice…or lack there of.
God had me there for a reason. As they walked out the door they both told me thank you for taking the time to talk to them when I didn’t have to! I thought to my self “wow! all I did was tell them about my babies” I guess words do more than we might think!

I pray that God blesses that family and
protects them from the words of the ignorant!
That she is able to enjoy her pregnancy and
this wonderful blessing that God has given her!

Ok! My vent is complete!!


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