Top 10 Tuesday: Twin must haves!

TWIN Must haves:

#1 Cloth Diapers!

They have been fantastic for our twins, easier than you might think:)

LOVE them!

#2 Moby Wrap!!

Oh my gosh! I can’t say enough about my Moby!

We have been using these since birth. I don’t know what I would do without it!

My hubby and I both have one. They are awesome and truly hands free…a must with twins

#3 SkipHop baby bag!!
Ok, so it may not look big, but it can hold a ton!!

I was shocked the first time I packed it up!

Always in my Skip Hop bag:

4 BG diapers


Changing pad
Nursing Cover

My Bible

Snacks for all 3 kiddos

Large Bottle of H2O

Other extras depending where we are going!

It’s a GREAT bag, plus they come in tons of styles!!

#4 Babylegs!!

My twins each have a number of Babylegs,

they make diaper changes quick, easy & warm!

They come in tons of fun styles…I want them all:)

#5 Bumbo with Tray!!

These are the greatest!! Our Bumbos make for 2 very happy babies in our house!

The twins could sit and play with their big brother long before they could sit!

#6 Glamourmom Nursing Tank!!

I love Glamourmom tanks, I have several of them!!

They make it so easy to nurse in public and in the night!

They are really long, which I personally love.

#7 Robeez!!

These Robeez boots and shoe are a staple for my twins!

They have a bunch of them.

They are so easy just to throw on when we are on the go!

# 8 Munchkin Feeder!!

We used Munchkin Feeders for our older son also!

The twins love all the different foods they

get to eat…safely!

#9 Baby Einsteins Exersaucer!!!

We have 2 Exersaucers and

truly there are some days I would

never get to shower if we didn’t have these!

#10 Double stroller

The twins love to hold hand so this Jeep stroller was a great choice for us!
They love being right next to each other!!

One thought on “Top 10 Tuesday: Twin must haves!

  1. What a great post! It is always so nice to see what has worked well for other twin moms. I will have to check out the side by side stroller. I have one that is one behind the other that has saved my life so far (we can pop the car seats in the stroller). I don't know what I would have done without it. This stroller looks like a good option for older babies though.

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