Aloha Friday!!!

Aloha Friday is the day to take it easy, and relax!! Aloha is hosted by Kailani! You can play too…just post a question in your blog and link up on Kailani’s current Aloha Friday post. Then visit the other blogs in the link up and answer their fun questions!

My Question is:

How many T.V’s are in your how? What’s your Favorite Show (s)

My Answer:
We have 2 T.V’s 1 is in our Family Room & 1 in the bedroom
Our Favorite show….CHUCK! We love it! After that it’s pretty much kid shows!!:)
Have a great and Happy Friday!!

3 thoughts on “Aloha Friday!!!

  1. We have two, also in our bedroom and livingroom. Our favorite show is Lost, but kid shows prevail! In fact, we chose our cable company based on who had Nick Jr in the cheap package!

  2. We have two…one in the living room and one in our bedroom. I am not a big fan of TV…but have thought about putting one in the loft for my kids. It's a real tough decision for me cuz I don't want them to be away from us…they will be 7 this month. We'll see…I'm sure I'll blog about it…lolI am not a big TV fan…if I had to watch something it would be either "Survivor" or that super hilarious new show…"Modern Family".Happy Friday!

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