Its time to…

Spring into Action!

Ahhh Spring! I Love Spring, Fresh Air, New life, New opportunities to get moving, and a time to enjoy Healthy foods that taste great!
Spring is a season of Inspiration! While you are making plans to enjoy this beautiful Spring season, think about way you can give back!


Talk to your family about planting a Veggie garden! You’ll love getting to garden with your family. Pick nutrition-rich, family friendly veggies, some of our favorites are tomatoes, carrots, lettuce, onions & green peppers. Your kids will love it, and so will your wallet. It’s an inexpensive way to enjoy delicious fresh fruits and veggies. Learn how to grow your favorite veggies from a seed by using organic fertilizers and compost of leaves, grass clippings, coffee grounds, and veggie left overs!


Walking and running outdoors are some of our family’s favorite outdoor activities to do when spring finally rolls around. After a long, cold winter it is so nice to enjoy the new life of spring! Get ready for the season by replacing your old shoes, after you have logged between 350-550 miles. We usually have to replace our shoes at the beginning of spring and mid-summer.

After you have purchased your new pair, think about donating your old ones to a local charity, or an organization like Soles4Souls. Their national and local shoe drives make a difference in the lives of millions of people around the world!
The carbon radar that is. Consider ways to stay healthy and create a healthier planet. Instead of burning fuel and creating greenhouse gases by driving to the gym, think about ways to move your workout outside, by biking, jogging, walking or just playing with the kids for the afternoon outside! Maybe get a group of friends together and go for a nature hike, the kids are sure to enjoy that!
Make the most of your weekend, carpool with friends to run errands, have friends over for a BBQ instead of going to a restaurant. Cut your energy consumption by line-drying clothes, instead of the dryer!
Join a community clean up!
Volunteer at a local charity or animal shelter!
Help friends and neighbors with home repairs!
Commit to walking for a local organization or charity!
We are walking this weekend for the March of Dimes!!!
For more in healthy living ideas and inspiration
visit Kashi

2 thoughts on “Its time to…

  1. I'm stoked cause there's a lady at our church that has a ton of acreage, and she offered a big plot of land for my family to have a garden! what a blessing… It will seriously be our main source for meals! Now, if only this snow would go ahead and melt, so I can start digging!!! 😉

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