Aloha Friday!!!

Aloha Friday is the day to take it easy, and relax!! Aloha is hosted by Kailani! You can play just post a question in your blog and link up on Kailani‘s current Aloha Friday post. Then visit the other blogs in the link up and answer their fun questions!

My Question is:
What kind of weather do you prefer? Hot, Rain, Snow, Wind ect.?

My Answer:

I’m looking forward to a hot summer…last year I was pregnant with twins…and HUGE, I couldn’t do anything. This summer will be great…hey! I’ll be able to walk:)

15 thoughts on “Aloha Friday!!!

  1. I like the sunshine b/c I like the beach so much but I really just love the new weather – I like the first hot days, spring days, cool days, cold days – I just like the changes.

  2. I love summer. Lazy days, BBQs, play outside… But I also love winter. Snow, Christmas lights and all the magic. I don't really care for Autumn or Spring… and I really dislike rain. Thunderstorms are good though.

  3. I like all kinds! A good rain if I can stay in with tea and a book; I'm a downhill skier and I pray for snow! and a desert rat at heart I enjoy a good hot day – just no muggy humidity

  4. I too am looking forward to summer and not being huge with twins! I too experienced this last summer! 🙂 I am now following! Looking forward to reading more!

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