"hey mommy…"

A Early Mother’s day gift…
“Mommy, is it lunch time?” I hear from the Kitchen. “just about” I call back to my little boy, who I can hear is getting into the kitchen cabinets..again. This has been going on since he could stand, always rummaging around anything at his level. “Mommy” I hear again. “Yes, Elias” I reply. His little voice again “do you like peanut butter?” me again “Yeah Elias…why?”. Rummaging again…I am thinking to my-self, ‘great another mess to clean up, this has already been such a draining day…ugh’. I hear the pounding of little feet, and giggling…hmmmm! Elias bursts into the living room, where I am holding 2 VERY fussy babies. Elias squeals “Look Mommy, I made you lunch!!!” there my sweet little angel stands, holding a plate with a peanut butter sandwich on it, HUGE smile on his sweet little face!! This was enough to make my heart melt, he knew that mommy had a headache and he wanted to help me relax…and he did!
There truly is nothing like being a mommy!

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