What a spring!

Wow! This week has been filled with milestone after milestone!! Where to start…Well the twins are truly twins…They started crawling in the same minute…really! Si & Gab each got their first tooth…Gab’s came in a 2pm, Si’s came in at 3pm…crazy:) Less then 12 hours later Elias has his first loose tooth, Ironically it is the same tooth that is coming in on both the babes!! The Twins are both talking!! On Easter Gabbi started saying “Mama” the very next day Simon started saying “Dada” so precious! Since then they have been mimicking EVERYTHING we say! Simon is already trying to walk, he can stand on his own…only for a moment…but still!! Gabbi is less interested in walking, she is so easy going:) My boys just have to be on the go!! Elias has started reading, and has been working on multiplication…I have flashcards that he LOVES, he actually is picking it up really fast. He has been Daddy’s helper at some photo shoots he’s had. Yesterday he went on a Senior Photo Shoot and really helped by getting the Young Lady to laugh! Elias is always filling our home with song! Jesus Loves me is a favorite of his, Father Abraham, This little light of Mine and Itsy bitsy Spider are regulars too. The Twins have started dancing when they hear music…it is truly the cutest thing to see, they love Jack Johnson! The kids have started playing together, it is so amazing to see Elias interact with his little brother & sister, he is so sweet and gentle. The other day we overheard Elias trying to teach Simon & Gabriella how to hold something correctly…it was precious! Geez! can you tell I adore my kiddos…because I DO!! We are looking forward to this weekend!! A birthday party, Mother’s Day, Family Time…can’t get better than that!! Mother’s day is going to be a nice quite day, hanging around the house, playing outside, dinner, my hubby & my babies spending every moment with me…everything that I want! Happy Mother’s Day to you!


One thought on “What a spring!

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