We all have a picture frame with no glass…right? A few weeks age I noticed that the glass had broken in a 16×20 frame I have…I threw away the glass, but I set aside the frame and the cardboard backing thinking it might be able to use it. Fast forward to this past Monday. I was cleaning the twins room & getting it ready to “show off” to my sister who is visiting in 2 weeks. When I noticed that I didn’t have a place to display all of Gabbi’s hair flowers and bows that I have made her and sell at My Little Cupcakes etsy shop. Enter Frame:)

To do this you will need:

Any frame you want (it doesn’t even need to be broken…just remove the glass)

Cardboard Backing of the frame

Fabric of your choice


Hot Glue (please be careful not to burn yourself…like I ALWAYS do)

Here’s what I did:

1. I cut the fabric a little larger than the cardboard.

2. Lay the fabric face down, put the cardboard on top, hot glue around all the edges!

3. cut your ribbon in as many strips as you want, sized in both height and width.

4. Position the ribbon where you would like it (I made kind of a H design with my ribbon)

5. hot glue ribbon in place on the back side of the cardboard

6. when all the glue has cooled place the now Beautiful cardboard backing in the frame and hot the around the edges. After cooling your ready to add what ever you want to display to it!


(I just put tacks in the wall…flowers a so light. If you are using something heavier you might want to use something stronger than tacks.)


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