Rockin’ Green Review!!!

As I have written about many times, we cloth diaper our twins & we also cloth diapered our older son when he was in dipes! We love our Cloth Diapers! They have saved us so much money, plus they are just so darn cute!! Our twins have their own little styles, weather it is Gabbi is her tie dye Bamboo fitted or Si in his Sea Turtle fitted! There are so many reasons we use cloth, and very few drawbacks. The biggest drawback with our cloth dipes is the stink that occurs when your diapers develop detergent build up. I’ve tried several methods of stripping the diapers….they haven’t worked at all. It’s really annoying.
I first heard about Rockin‘ Green from a bloggy friend, and immediately wanted to give it a try for more than one reason…the top reason being their claims of getting rid of the very stink to which I was referring to above, as well as not building up, so the ‘detergent build up stink’ is no longer a issue, once you’ve stripped your diapers for the first time with Rockin‘ Green. Another reason being that my children have horribly sensitive skin, ALL laundry soap has irritated their skin so badly, even the soaps that claim to be free & clear. Our older son has fairly bad eczema, that gets irritated by the smallest amount to soap build up in his clothes…For these reason we were already in search of something to relive our little ones from their skin issues.
I was thrilled to be given the opportunity to give Rockin‘ Green for a test “wash”. I eagerly waited for days for the mailman, wondering if there would be a package…Finally “yes” there was the much a waited Rockin‘ Green I received 2 packages in the mail, Rage against the raspberries & smashing watermelons, both smell fantastic!! I rushed in side, ripped open the package & dumped the diapers in the washing machine, and let them soak in some hot water and 3 tbsp (the recommended amount) of the detergent for a little over a hour. I then put them through my regular wash routine, and waited for them to dry so I could smell them. How would they smell? Is this really going to work? I thought to my self as they were drying. Finally…Buzzzzz…the dryer was done! I opened the dryer door and was shocked…Yay!! No Yucky, dirty, or Fishy smell!!!! I was so pleased straight out of the dryer, they smelled fresh and clean. After the diaper load that day I did load after load of my families dirty clothes!

I tried Smashing Watermelons & Rage Against the Rasberries!!
I love Rockin‘ Green for everything, Rockin‘ Green Classic Rock is the only thing playing in our washer for now on!!! I highly recommend that you give Rockin‘ Green a try! They have sample packs you can order, that way to can try out all the different flavors! You’ll love it!
I hope you give it a try!
Rock On Rockin‘ Green!!!!


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