Get Organized!!

I LOVE being a mom!! I enjoy every moment I get to spend with my children, they are the little lights of my life…but…when I became a Mom, I lost little parts of my self…Like the ability to recall what I was JUST doing, for some reason I have the hardest time recalling so many things! I guess that is mommy brain for you. I want to be organized, how I want to be! But I write a “to do” list with everything I need to do, get done, buy, people I need to call, play dates ect. But…then the list disappears into the craziness of our home. So, now here I am, getting Elias’ homeschooling curriculum put together, and I realized I NEED to be organized and stay on track…Enter Gubb!
Have you heard of GUBB? It is a online Organizer. Totally free. Quick. Easy. and you can’t lose it:) We you sign up, you get to choose categories like: To Do List. Goals. Calls to make. Friends to catch up with. My project Ideas…which I love, since I was asked by a well know website to write a article all about Breastfeeding Twins!!
You only use the categories YOU choose! So yesterday, I did it, I signed up. It took a little while to input all my information, (the twins were climbing all over me)
Since yesterday: I have caught up with a number of friends. I have made 2 play dates I have meaning meaning to make for…about 3 months. I have made ALL the calls I needed to make. I have even started planning the Twins 1st Birthday.
Oh, did I mention there is even a ” my DON’T forget to do list” we all need that!!!
It has been so easy, all I do is go to the Gubb website, and go from there…adding, Checking off, planning ect.
It’s nice to know I won’t lose this “to do” list….well unless I lose my computer…but lets no go there, or even think it!!!

One thought on “Get Organized!!

  1. I'm always looking for ways to make staying organized easier. I'll have to check out this website…thanks!I'm now following from MBC. :)

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