ECOBAGS Review!!!

Have you heard of ECOBAGS®?? They have awesome reuseable shopping bags, all different sizes and styles! I was so thrilled to be given the chance to test some ECOBAGS and share with you!!!
Recently, we arrived home from our weekly shopping trip, toting tons of plastic bags…yuk! After everything was unloaded I decided to count how many bag we were given. I knew that we were given WAY more than we needed. I was completely shocked when I counted 35 plastic bags. I started thinking back about other shopping trips, and the amount of bags, that have been thrust upon us!
So a few weeks ago I got a package from ECOBAGS. They sent them Their awesome Farmers Market recycled cotton ECOBAGS® totes and a set of ECOBAGS® Produce & Bulk Bags.
I was so excited for shopping the next day!
After checking out, I couldn’t believe how much fit into the Farmers Market recycled cotton ECOBAGS®!! It was amazing! ECOBAGS® are very strong and don’t feel like they are going to fall apart if you put something in them!
On our First shopping trip with them the ECOBAGS® Produce & Bulk Bags held:
LARGE: Easily fit 6 ears of corn!
No annoying holes in the bag for the corn to fall out of, like with the plastic bags at the store!!
MEDIUM: 4 large Avocados, 4 on the vine tomatoes & a large clove of Garlic fit with ease!
SMALL: 6 Kiwi with tons of room to spear!!

For tons of additional information visit ECOBAGS Resource Page!!
Now, you know you want to, so head over to ECOBAGS.COM and get your ECOBAGS today!

Whoa its been a long summer!!

Yes! I am still here! I have been ultra busy with end of summer events!! We started our Homeschooling year on August 1st, and it is going awesome! This year we are doing a blend theme of Kindergarten, 1st & 2nd grade. Elias really seems to be more into the 2nd grade stuff, so that has been really fun! The twins are turning 1 in about 3 weeks…so planning, planning and…yep more planning!! Simon has been walking now for about 7-8weeks, so he is a old pro! Gabbi, well she is slowly on her way:) Maybe by their bday…but well see:) We have been preparing for winter, I think I am all stocked up on Wool longies…special thanks to the many moms of twins I have met on this wild ride, of being a mama of twins!!:)
Currently I am working on a few reviews, that I will be posting in the next few days! I have a few in the works as well…oh and they are good:) I hope you are all have a fantastic end of summer!!!

Biokleen Review!!!

In July I was thrilled, when the wonderful people from Biokleen sent me a package containing three of their fantastic product to review and feature here on A Little Sugar-N-Spice!
Here is a look at what I got in the package!!
Bac-Out Bathroom Cleaner comes in the most heavenly scent of lavender & Lime, mmm it smells so good, and my bathrooms are beautiful and smell like a bathroom should…free of chemicals and bleach!!! The kids bathroom is always dirty. Elias playing in outside in the mud, then coming in and washing his hands, and of course getting the mud all over everything! Soap residue around the sink, ect. So needless to say that was where I went first with the Bac-Out Bathroom Cleaner! The bottle sprays very easy. A few sprays on the counter top, a wipe and they were glowing. I cleaned the tub, sink, toilet seat and cover, counter and the floors. They all wipe beautifully clean, with no icky residue. Bac-Out Bathroom Cleaner had no problem cutting through the dried toothpaste around the sink, no scrubbing, just one wipe! I LOVE this stuff! Oh, and did I mention that it smells great!
The next Product was the Bac-Out Fresh! I received the spectacular scent of Lemon and thyme! Wow, is it wonderful! It was fantastic to receive this because I was in dyer need of fabric freshening in EVERY room of my house! First I headed to the Family Room. I sprayed the couches, chairs, curtains, and all the throw pillows. What a change, it smelled beautiful! After the family room I headed to all the bed rooms, bathrooms, linen closet, office, and the laundry room. I used about 1/2 the bottle & my house smells like a dream!
Finally I recived the All-Temperature Citrus Laundry Liquid! It too smells fantastic! The day I got my biokleen package in the mail, I had a huge load of cloth diapers that needed to be washed! The smell of the Grape seed and orange filled my entire laundry room! After the diaper load was in the dryer, I threw in a large load of our clothes! Both loads came out of the dryer smelling so good and feeling so cozy! I LOVE the All-Temperature Citrus Laundry Liquid ! It is by far my favorite I have used!!!
I love this part!! No Animal testing!!!

Citrus All-Temperature Citrus Laundry Liquid
Phosphate & Chlorine Free:Biokleen All-Temperature Citrus Laundry Liquid removes the toughest dirt, grease, stains and odors, yet is gentle enough for cloth diapers, delicate fabrics and hand-washables. It will rinse clean, without leaving residue on clothes that can irritate skin or ruin fabrics.
• 3x More Concentrated• Grapefruit Seed & Orange Peel Extracts• Naturally controls stains and odors• Makes a great pre-treat for stains• Safe for high-efficiency washers

with Live Enzyme Cultures:Bac-Out Fresh utilizes the Bac-Out technology that not only traps odors but digests them, getting rid of any odor and their return for good! Bac-Out Fresh leaves your fabrics smelling naturally fresh and clean. Safe to use on water-safe fabrics: sofas, curtains, pet areas, bedding, cars, sports bags, and much more. Bac-Out Fresh comes in two scents: Lavender and Lemon-Thyme.• Fine mist spray• Extracts of lavender or lemon thyme• Great for homes with children and pets• No artificial fragrance, colors or preservatives

with Live Enzyme Cultures:Bac-Out Bathroom Cleaner eliminates build-up while effectively cleaning and deodorizing any water-safe surface. Utilizing the Bac-Out technology, Bac-Out Bathroom Cleaner cleans and removes mold and mildew stains and odors. Use regularly to prevent build-up on your tub and tile, toilets, countertops, sinks, floors, shower curtains and more.
• Cleans and deodorizes• Contains extracts of lavender and lime• Great for homes with children and pets• No artificial color, fragrance or preservatives

So if you are looking for some great cleaning products that are safe for our earth, that contain no harsh chemicals, and smell wonderful! You MUST give Biokleen a test drive of your own! You won’t regret it!