ECOBAGS Review!!!

Have you heard of ECOBAGS®?? They have awesome reuseable shopping bags, all different sizes and styles! I was so thrilled to be given the chance to test some ECOBAGS and share with you!!!
Recently, we arrived home from our weekly shopping trip, toting tons of plastic bags…yuk! After everything was unloaded I decided to count how many bag we were given. I knew that we were given WAY more than we needed. I was completely shocked when I counted 35 plastic bags. I started thinking back about other shopping trips, and the amount of bags, that have been thrust upon us!
So a few weeks ago I got a package from ECOBAGS. They sent them Their awesome Farmers Market recycled cotton ECOBAGS® totes and a set of ECOBAGS® Produce & Bulk Bags.
I was so excited for shopping the next day!
After checking out, I couldn’t believe how much fit into the Farmers Market recycled cotton ECOBAGS®!! It was amazing! ECOBAGS® are very strong and don’t feel like they are going to fall apart if you put something in them!
On our First shopping trip with them the ECOBAGS® Produce & Bulk Bags held:
LARGE: Easily fit 6 ears of corn!
No annoying holes in the bag for the corn to fall out of, like with the plastic bags at the store!!
MEDIUM: 4 large Avocados, 4 on the vine tomatoes & a large clove of Garlic fit with ease!
SMALL: 6 Kiwi with tons of room to spear!!

For tons of additional information visit ECOBAGS Resource Page!!
Now, you know you want to, so head over to ECOBAGS.COM and get your ECOBAGS today!

2 thoughts on “ECOBAGS Review!!!

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