Yes! I am still Breastfeeding

I’m a breastfeeding mama of Twins and proud of it!!

There I was, visiting with a friend I hadn’t seen in a while. While chatting on the couch one of the twins came up very sleepy, ready for a nap and wanted to nurse. I paused our conversation to grab a cover and get my little one situated. When I looked back up, my friend was wide eyed staring at me. I had seen that look before…the “Oh My Gosh she is STILL breastfeeding” I’m used to it, I was still breastfeeding Elias until after age 3. So, that look and me aren’t exactly strangers. “What” I asked. She just looked at me a moment longer and choked out “You are Still breastfeeding?” I wanted to say “CLEARLY”…but I didn’t;) I calmly responded “Yep I sure am” Thinking this conversation was over, I jumped back into what we had been talking about…only to be interrupted by this little gem “Do you breastfeeding both of them or just one?” Ok little side note: You might be surprised how often I get asked this question, and I ALWAYS respond with a smile “yes I breastfeed both of my twins” Even though on the inside I’m thinking…’Yeah, why would I only breastfeed one, that is ridiculous that you would even ask such a stupid question’. Back to my friend. I responded “yes I do, blah,blah,blah” I could see her getting more uncomfortable with every word. VERY quickly after I was done talking, wouldn’t you know that she suddenly remember she was ‘late’ for ‘something’. Hmm…really?!

Why is it so hard for ‘OTHERS’ that we breastfeed? This is very troubling to me. A mom can send her 12 year old daughter to school in a outfit that is shocking: no one says a word -a child can be heard yelling and cussing at their parent in the store: no on says a word- But WE quietly cover, or sneak away, words are spoken to us, and lots of them…not always nice either. Celebrities without children are openly giving there negative opinion. Because of this women who breastfeed feel like they aren’t allowed to nursing in public, and if they do they had better be out of site or covered with a black fleece blanket from head to toe. I can just imagine the out burst said celeb would have had if she saw me tandem nursing my twin babies. I ask it again, why is this so true in our society? I don’t have a answer. I have my opinions…People seem to want to have a opinion because they don’t have control of their lives or because they are unhappy, maybe they are uncomfortable about breastfeeding in general…I don’t know it could be so many different things. All I know is that I refuse to let ANYONE make me feel like I am doing something wrong because I have made the choice to breastfeed MY children. I love my children, I want to breastfeed and frankly if ‘sally next door’ is bothered by that, then she has a problem of her own. I will stand my ground and I hope you do too! I hate talking to a young mom who says she really wanted to breastfeed, but she didn’t have any support. Us nursing mom’s need to stick together and share our stories and tips with other mom’s especially new 1st time mama’s. So here’s a challenge: We all have a friend, who is breastfeeding her baby or young child, right. She might be searching for someone to talk to…Toss a little encouragement her way!! Tell her that you are there for her. You will be thrilled with how it makes her feel and how it makes you feel. I know, because I did this recently with a women who goes to my church, it was so wonderful to see her sad face turn to joy! She later told me that she was about ready to give up, and was so happy I spoke up!

Be Happy Breastfeeding – I know I am and that’s what matters!

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6 thoughts on “Yes! I am still Breastfeeding

  1. I second that motion! I breastfed all 5 of my children, and when this 6th bundle arrives, I'll be nursing again and proud of it! I never weaned any of them, I let them decide when they were ready. Its hard not to let people get to you, but I just remind myself that you can't say the wrong thing to the right person and you cant say the right thing to the wrong person. Some people are open, others judgmental. Ah well.

  2. I wish I was able to breastfeed my little Monster. We had a bunch of problems, starting with him being a preemie and very small. Then I developed a blood clot and had to be on coumadin for six months, and there's still the chance with each doctors appointment to be put back on coumadin because my blood is still thick. Breastfeeding is natural and very very good for little ones. I don't see anything at all wrong with it. I admire you!

  3. My best friend just had twins and one of them was in the NICU for 6 weeks and can't drink breast milk due to digestive issues! SO she only breast feeds one of her twins!! So I guess it does happen!!

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