Review – GoGreen Pocket Diapers


I’ll be honest, cloth diapering can be expensive and cloth diapering twins is REALLY expensive. I mean come on, $17 – $28 for something that is going to be pooped in?? That is just crazy. When buying cloth diapers, I try to stick to the one size cloth diapers as much as possible, that way they will last until potty training and I will get the most for my buck. Even then we’re looking at $17+ per diaper…ugh!!! Now, I know I am not the only one who feels this way. If I have heard it once I have heard it a dozen times “I CANNOT afford the start up cost to use cloth”. This is just not fair. Recently the twins have out grown 50% of the diapers we have. The still fit the OS cloth dipes we have. Now I am looking to re stash that outgrown 50%…but we just cannot get diapers at $17 bucks a pop. That just isn’t going to happen.

Let me introduce a breath of fresh air…GOGREEN POCKET DIAPERS! They are everything I love!!

One size…Check


Soft absorbent inserts…Check


Great fit on BOTH twins…Check

Cute…Check Check Check!!

But what is the price for this seemingly perfect diaper you might be asking…ok…are you ready??

$8.99 Did you catch that $8.99!! Could it be? Is it true?? YES, my friend it is!!

What I got to try…
I was thrilled to review GoGreen Pocket Diapers. I was given a Pocket Diaper in Crazy Evening print and a set of GoGreen Cloth wipes to try!

At first sight and touch, I knew I was in love! The diaper is bright, soft and oh so cute! But looks aren’t everything are they. After doing a few prep washes to ensure the diaper would absorb as best as possible, then I put the diaper on Simon. The diaper is super stretchy, a fantastic fit over his chunky thighs, and not bulky at all! To put this diaper to the test, Simon aka ‘the heavy wetter’ wore it to bed. I couldn’t wait for him to wake up so I could see how GoGreen Pocket Diapers stood up to my little guy. Wouldn’t you know it, Simon slept in until 9am, so the diaper was worn from 8pm until 9am…NO LEAKING and not pressure marks…this is something that we have a lot with Simon chunky legs!! I was totally shocked, and oh so excited!

GoGreen Pocket Diapers come is tons of cute solids and prints, at their great price you can buy twice as many…darn:)

My Closing thoughts…

If you are looking for a fantastic cloth diaper at a great price, GoGreen Pocket Diapers are what you want! You will not be disappointed. These diapers have sturdy snaps, ultra soft lining, plush inserts and a beautiful silky outside. After a dozen washes the diaper looks brand new, the quality of the GoGreen Cloth Diapers is just as good if not better then my $20. Diapers. GoGreen cloth diaper will be my No. 1 diaper recommendation!! The wipes are fantastic, they are super soft and clean up the worst messes while keeping your baby’s skin protected!  
Additional information about GoGreen Pocket Diapers
1. Shipping is a flate rate of $5.00 per order so you can buy 1 or 25 and not have to worry about the shipping

2. They have a 15 day wash ‘n wear policy, which they describe as…”Use our diapers for two weeks and if you don’t LOVE them by the end of 15 days, send ’em back for a full refund”. That is so great! I can’t imagine someone not loving these diapers, but it is pretty amazing that they offer this!

GoGreen Pocket Diapers have a great fit and are very easy to use, they are incredibly absorbent!

This Giveaway is now Closed! I hope you enjoyed the Review!

Want one?

Eager to try one on your little one? Good! Go Green Pocket Diapers is giving one lucky Sugar N’ Spice winner GoGreen Pocket Diaper gift certificate good for a GoGreen diaper of their choice!
Here’s how to enter…
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