Declarations & Resolutions

Declarations & Resolutions 2011

  • Spending more time in the Word.
  • Getting up at 6am every weekday morning so I can have my personal bible study.
  • Daily Bible memory verse for Elias, he love his Jesus.
  • Computers off by 9pm every night.
  • More time with my wonderful husband…hence above:)
  • Nightly Pastor Bob Coy Radio Bible study with my Hubby.
  • Proverbs 31…enough said.
  • Train my children in the way the Lord wants.
  • Creating a spectacular 2nd half of the 1st/2nd grade school year for my little guy.
  • Spending more time with the friends who lift up, not the ones who drag down.
  • Having a more Calm and Relaxed home. More Joy and Thankfulness.
  • Play, Laugh and have more Fun with my Husband and Children.
  • Creating a monthly meal plan and making the meals before hand to freeze…aka simplify Dinner time.
  • Eat Healthier. We do already, but I want it to be even more.
  • Zumba five days a week. Fit THOSE jeans.
  • Read more. There are so many Great books that I so badly want to read…Like:
  • Leaving Carolina and Nowhere Carolina both by Tamara Leigh
  • Knit more. Teach Elias to Knit.
  • Sew more. Gabbi needs more dresses;)
  • Bake more. Create and try new and different things
To Stick to my Declarations & Resolutions I will be printing them out and posting them where I will see them every single day…I will not let these be “out of site out of mind”
Sticking to your Resolutions, Goals, Changes…whatever you choose to call them can be made easy by having a Husband or Friend to help you stick to them.
My Husband is awesome, always helping and holding me to my goals. When Elias was 18 months old I set a weight loss goal of 40 lbs in 3-4months…My husband helped me stick to it, and I lost 75 instead!!
Have a Blessed and Wonderful January 2011

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