Review – TheraBreath

TheraBreath Whitening Review

Mmmmmm a Hot Peppermint Mocha would be great right about now, or maybe some Tea! Hot or Cold it is truly one of my favorite year round drinks! I love coffee and tea…and…my teeth are starting to pay for it.

Somewhere along the way my Pearly Whites started looking a little less Pearly White.

When TheraBreath contacted me about doing a Review on some of there products I was thrilled…when they said I could pick what products to try I was so excited! I knew EXACTLY what I wanted to review : The TheraBrite PLUS whitening system!!

About TheraBrite PLUS Whitening System:
The TheraBrite PLUS whitening system is the most effective home whitening available. The Thermoplastic mouthguards mold to the contours of your teeth and gums, while the 21%+ carbamide peroxide gel delivers the fastest home whitening available. Have a whiter, brighter smile in just 5 days.

Each Kit Contains:
3 moldable Thermoplastic mouth trays, 3 whitening syringes(3ml each), plastic case, small brush, 3 rolls of ZOX. Each syringe contains 3ml of 21% carbamida whitening formula.
This is one of the strongest safe concentrations available for home whitening. This means you will notice results in a shorter period of time. The non-glycerin based solution means reduced sensitivity. Some people may still notice some sensitivity – this will go away within 24 hours.

After whitening, you may notice slight slight discoloration of your gums – this is also normal and will also go away within a few hours.
The tighter fitting you can make your mouthguards, the better – so be sure to spend some time making the mouthguards correctly before you begin.

How To Use This Product:
After making your Thermoplastic moldable trays, simply apply a small amount of the whitening gel into the mouthguards, and bite down. Allow the gel to stay in contact with your teeth for at least 1 hour per application (up to 5-8 hours if you prefer).
After 4-5 applications, you will have a distinctly whiter and brighter smile!- DR. HAROLD KATZ

Let me tell you a little bit about my experience with The TheraBrite PLUS whitening system. When my TheraBrite PLUS whitening system arrived I was very eager to get started…maybe a little too eager. Each kit comes with 3 whitening syringes, plastic case, small brush, 3 rolls of ZOX & 3 moldable Thermoplastic mouth trays,(you know the kind you boil, then press and bite to make it fit your teeth exactly.) The mouth trays each have a tab to hold while submerged in the in the boiling water…I didn’t realize that and accidentally melted not one, but all three mouth trays…oops! TheraBreath was awesome and sent me a new package of trays that I received with in 48 hours! This time I boiled the tray correctly and it came out perfect!! Yay!!

That night after our kids went to bed I did my first treatment. In the directions it says to keep it on for 1-4 hours. I don’t have the time to keep it on for 4 hours though…I wondered if 1 hour would be enough. Let me tell you, 1 hour was amazing. I was actually quite shocked after I took off the tray and brushed my teeth and looked in the mirror. WOW! Huge difference! My husband noticed as soon as I came out of the bathroom…”Your teeth look so white! They look beautiful”

My Pros and Cons…


  • The Whitening Treatment tastes horrible
  • The Whitening Treatment burns if it is on your gums for too long

To thwart these cons I started using to Whitening trays in the shower, that way if some of the treatment seep out into my mouth I could just spit it out. Also using the kit in the shower stopped two little toddler from trying to pull them out of my mouth:)


  • Very fast acting! I would always try to wear the trays for about a hour, but life can get hectic and there were times when I could only do about 25 minutes…but it worked! I have used 1 1/2 syringes of treatment and my teeth look beautiful.

  • Everything comes in a small compact box. I like this because I can easily put it somewhere so my little ones can’t get it.

  • The trays are flex able and very form fitting. This is nice because it doesn’t feel like to have some huge foreign object in your mouth.

So after 2 weeks of using the TheraBrite PLUS Whitening System, I have to say that I am truly pleased! My Teeth look beautiful!

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  1. I just realized I followed you and liked them on Facebook, but this giveaway is closed. Waa! I am hoping to have a giveaway soon from Thirsties Cloth Diapers. They agreed to sponsor me, they just want me to have a minimum of 200 followers (via GFC). Will you come follow me?

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