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The Gabby Mom’s Question of the Week – March 7-11 2011!

Opened to anyone living in the US or Canada is welcome to enter (not just Gabby Moms) All of our March winners will receive a $5 Gift Card to Starbucks! Enter HERE!

This week’s question is:

What is the number one thing you do to refresh yourself, your kids and your homeschool mid-year?

My answer…
We homeschool through the year so we ‘refresh’ twice a year on average. Once right around now, when it seems like winter is going to last forever, and we are stuck inside. Something special that I like to do is have my 6 year old pick out a few new activity books! This past weekend we did just that. Elias was so excited! I have noticed over the last few months that he has a deep love for science, nature, and weather. So it was no surprise to when he chose WEATHER LAB and SCIENCE LAB from Silver Dolphin books! These books have 50 projects each and are TONS of fun!

Another Refresh time for us is summer, which is perfect because it always hits us right around our summer vacation. Last year we when to Glacier National park. He was able to learn about bears, deer, moose, mountains, water life and nature! He was able to see a Black bear up close, and see how big they really are. He got to see and touch the vast span of the mountains that God created. We were even able to play in the snow in the middle of July!! This year we are off to the Oregon Coast! We will be able to learn about sea life while playing at the beach! There is nothing more fun then learning while you play!

Other than these we often have a nature hike every few weeks during nice weather to keep things fun. In the winter, something as simple as the local childrens museum can refresh us!

Head over to The Gabby Mom’s and join in the fun!

Gabby Mom Britni
We Gab * We Giggle * We Glitter

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