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More than a decade ago my husband and I didn’t have kids, and always said “We will NEVER have a Mini Van!” Well…hmmmm fast-forward 10 years and here we are with three kids and surprise surprise and a Mini Van!! When we first go our Town and Country, I kept thinking ‘there is something missing’ We wanted to make our Mini Van ours…but how??

Have you ever been at a stop light or pulled into a parking spot only to see the car in front of you has stick figure stickers of their family on the back window? I’ve always thought they were just so cute! It’s fun to see how families vary…Daddy, Mommy, and 1 kid, Daddy Mommy and 7 kids, 4 dogs, 2 cats, and a fish, or even Daddy, Mommy and 3 dogs:)

To tell you the truth we never got the stickers because although cute, the stick figure family is just not us. Along came Belvedere Designs
Belvedere Designs specializes in Custom Wall Letters, Vinyl Words & Wall Quotes, Family Stickers, Wall Art, Graphic Design and More!

I was given the opportunity to Review Belvedere Designs car decals! I choose the “FOOTPRINTS” The Stickers came of a vinyl backing to you can place them on your car straight and easily! I was VERY surprised how quickly the footprints were shipped and arrived.

The Sticker were all printed on one long sheet. Then gently rolled for shipping. When they arrived all I had to do was reactivate them (when you get your order you get step by step directions) Because they were print in order of size and on one sheet, it only took about 4 minutes to: Clean and Dry the window, Peel the backing off the stickers, place the stickers where we wanted and rub them on to insure they were sticking all the way, last peel the transfer paper off, and there they are beautiful, straight and perfect…Our family!

Belvedere Designs quality is amazing! The stickers are beautiful and sturdy. I noticed when I put them on the car that the are made out of a nice thick vinyl, not the thin stuff that I have seen that easily tears! The Footprints have only been on our window for a short time, but they have already had to with stand a lot! Hot beaming sun, snow and Rain almost daily. I am pleased that there is ZERO curling or peeling of the stickers. Absolutely NO bubbling either!!

Belvedere Designs share specials and sale pricing on their Facebook Page! They run a monthly photo contest that allows one lucky fan to win a $50.00 gift certificate! Just submit a photo of your wall quote to be entered. It’s just that easy! If you want to stay up on their latest and greatest ideas you should check out Belvedere Designs Blog too. It’s full of great ideas!

Big Thank You to Belvedere Designs! I can’t tell you how impressed we are! I can’t wait to place a order for some special quotes for my children’s rooms!!

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