Bling Highlights Review


Sick boring winter hair? Want a change? How about adding a little bling…Bling Highlights!

What are Bling Highlights hair tensil? It simply a strand of colorful tensil you tie in your hair! It’s so easy that you’ll never want to get your hair colored or highlights again!! When tied in hair correctly Bling Highlights can remain in hair for weeks. Bling Highlights are easy to remove, so you can change your highlight color anytime!

Bling Highlights come in 43 colors and two lenghts: Short – 19 inch strands of tensil each tube contains 20 strands. Long – 38 inch strands of tensil each tube contains 20 strands.

The prices are great!! $4.95 for a tube (20 strands) of Short & $9.45 for a tube (20 strands) of long! Free shipping for orders over $30
I was so excited the morning I saw my mail carrier walking up to my house with the huge poster tube the Bling Highlight are delivered in! Bling Highlights let me choose my color of choice: GOLD! I thought that Gold would stand out and look really beautiful in my very dark hair…it did!

The day after my Bling Highlight came was my husbands birthday and we were going to spend the whole day out and about. The morning of his birthday I got up at 5am while everyone else was sleeping…I needs some ‘me’ time!! I decided to put a bunch of Bling Highlights in my hair.

You can check out the how to put Bling Highlight in your hair HERE!
I’ll be honest the first strand was a little tricky to put in, I redid it (with the same piece of tensil twice) But, after a few times I was a pro! I put 8 highlights in, since you tie them in folded in half I had 16 beautiful sparkly Gold highlights. It was very easy to add the tensil to my bangs, I cut one long strand in half to make two shorter strands. Once they were tied in my bangs I trimmed them to the right lenght…Easy! But, the best part!! They can been washed, dried, flat ironed, and curled…up to I believe 400 degrees!!

After getting my family all ready, we headed out for my husbands special day. We decided to head to our local mall to the Barnes and Noble. As soon as we stepped into the first store…I kid you not with in 2 seconds we heard ” HEY!! How’d you do that to your hair??” I was a older woman, she wanted to touch them, know how I got them in my hair, where she could buy them. Over the next few hours random women, teens and tweens asked about my Bling Highlights. 100% of them wanted to know where to buy! The next day when I was out shopping a women asked were I got them done, because her daughter had just got them done and payed a ton of money and they didn’t stay. After telling her how Bling Highlights work she was ready to order!

It has now been 3 weeks, my Bling Highlights are still perfectly in place, and I am daily getting stopped multiple times…Grandmothers, young women, teens, tween and little girls…even men ask!

I’m sure you will be shocked to know that I will be placing a Bling Highlights order…I only have Gold. I think I am going to get: blue, purple, pink, and green…wait there are 43 colors…soooo ummm, I want 42 other colors!!

I think that Bling Highlight would be a great for ages 1 – 100! It would be really fun to have a girls Bling Highlight party, birthday party or just for fun!

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