Fantastic Fall BabyLegs {Review and Giveaway!} CLOSDED

I am completely thrilled to have yet a another opportunity to share BabyLegs with you!! My BabyLegs sample pack arrived yesterday! This could not have come at a better time, It’s almost November and getting really, REALLY cold! Oh yeah, and it’s Potty Training Time!!

I have this game we play – The potty game. I set the timer for ever 15-30 minutes (depending on if they did or did not go)

Like I said above it’s cold, and I need to keep my little Twinbees warm. Getting fully dressed is just not going to happen, we often reach the potty in the nick of time!

ALSNS Potty Training outfit:
To keep my little Twinbees warm while potty training in the fall/winter, I have been putting them in Sweatshirts, Robeez Boots, and BABYLEGS.

More pictures to follow! I just wanted to get this up asap! 🙂

I love my BabyLegs. They have the same effect of pants…but are soooooo much easier when I hear that timer ringing. Please lets be honest BabyLegs are far cuter than most sweatpants!!

When trying this system without BabyLegs and just letting them wear pants, I’ll be honest, there was a lot of frustration, the little Twinbees would be frustrated because they have a hard time getting their pants off. I would get frustrated because I would have a hard time getting them undressed, their pant let would get hung up on their Roobeez and often it would cause a missed opportunity to go on the potty…ugh…frustration!
So, now when I hear the timer ringing for the all to familiar “Mommy, I need to potty” my little Twinbees can quickly and easily remove their diapers and GO POTTY! They don’t have to deal with anything else, and potty time is becoming quite the breeze!

That’s not all BabyLegs are good for! I often use mine as extra warmth for the kiddos legs under sweats, pants, and Jean (and skirts for my little miss) and on their arms, under both tee shirts and long sleeve shirts. I do this for all three…yes even my six year old is often sporting a pair of BabyLegs.

Check out another way that BabyLegs can be worn!

This was his Idea! He love BabyLegs and wanted to wear them over his shin guards for soccer!

Given the choice all three Kiddos will happily wear BabyLegs…and often I hear giggling from the Twinbees room…they have gotten into the BabyLegs and have two or three pairs of “Socks Mommy” on their legs…and arms! They are always very proud!

My BabyLegs:

BabyLegs Legwarmers: Scandia Leg Warmers
I LOVE these! I love the designs, the feel, I love that they have the ski lodge look!

BabyLegs Legwarmers: Keepsake Leg Warmers
I love the colors in these, so sweet! I adore that they are gray…I LOVE gray!

BabyLegs Legwarmers: Shawl Leg Warmers
There are for sure going to be some of my favorites! I love the stripes and the adorable little bottom ruffle!

BabyLegs Legwarmers: Honeycomb
These are just too cute! I love the big bright flowers! They will be the perfect addition the adorable Navy Blue ruffle swearter I just got my little miss!
*Honeycomb is currently not availible through the BabyLegs website

I would love to add to our collection…among others…OK, all the others!
The BabyLegs Rocks Collection and The Hello Kitty Collection 
It is safe to say that with the versatility of BabyLegs that I am a fan for life! You will be too!

New to BabyLegs?
Here’s what You Need to Know:

  • One Size fits Most! Can be worn on legs from ages 0-10 years old, and from 0-100 will love them
  • Makes Diaper Changes easy! They make Diaper changes on the twins so fast, not messing with tights or pants!
  • Protection for crawlers! When my Little ones started crawling, they always had red little knees. But, with BabyLegs I didn’t have to worry about little red knees, they can crawls on any surface and I know their little knees are protected!!! Even in our front yard where we have lava rocks! 
  • Versatile Fashion for both boys, girls, and adults! There is a huge selection of patterns and styles perfect for Babies, Kids and Adult, they even have Newborn size! The hardest part of BabyLegs is deciding what to get!!  
  • Keep em’ Warm! Perfect for little ones legs and arms! 5 year old loves his BabyLegs with shorts. The kiddos all have been wearing the BabyLegs on their arms, and they look so CUTE! 

Buy Them: You can purchase BabyLegs products from their website!
The leg warmers start at $12, socks at $10, and tights at $16. They make the perfect gift for Babyshowers and birthdays! Also I can tell you they are a fantastic stocking stuffer!

Win some: One very lucky A Little Sugar n’ Spice reader is going to win a BabyLegs Grab Bag full of BabyLegs and you will get to choose the theme: Boy, Girl or Gender Neutral, and the size! This grab bag is worth $50.00…AWESOME!!!

I would like to give a big shout out “THANK YOU!!” to Casey at BabyLegs! Thank you so much for this great giveaway!

How to enter:
It’s as easy as leaving a comment!

This Giveaway is opened to U.S Residents only

Please don’t forget to leave your email address!

Mandatory Entry:

  • Follow a Little Sugar ‘n Spice AND Like BabyLegs on Facebook 

To be correctly entered in the BabyLegs Giveaway Both Following ALSNS and ‘liking’ BabyLegs on facebook MUST be completed. 

Extra Entries:
(You may do one, all or none of the below tasks)

You may leave me multiple comment if you would like or please feel free to leave just one telling me what task you completed –

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This is just something new I am trying out! I will be sure to count ALL completed tasks weather it was in 5 comments or in 1!!!!

BabyLegs Giveaway will run from Friday October 21, 2011 until 6 p.m pst Wednesday October 26, 2011
Winner will be selected by
Winner will be announced by 9pm pst 10/26/2011

Winner will be chosen using, The winner will be announced on the blog, emailed, and have 48 hours to respond or another winner will be chosen. Although I was sent a number of different styles of BabyLegs for review purposes, I was not paid/enticed to write a positive review for this product, all opinions are expressed are 100% my own! You may view my full disclosure policy, HERE.

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