Sometimes it just isn’t fair…

Over the years I have had many friends who have gotten the painful news that they cannot get pregnant. A few of these ladies know that their is little to no hope of having a baby without the use if a surrogate. While others know that there is a small possibility of conceiving on their own. It is so hear breaking when I know that every single on of these amazing women would be a fantastic mommy! For many of these ladies adoption is their next step and they are thrilled!

I have a friend, I have known her most of my life. She found out at a young age that she probably would not be able to have children…the one thing she wanted most. Adoption or a surrogate are not a option for her and her husband. So over the years month after month…a painful – sign or “not pregnant” stares her in the face:( this a woman who WANTS to have a baby more than I could ever express to you. So it pains me when I see young girls pregnant and smoking or young moms complaining about how getting pregnant ruined their lives. God has a plan for every one and I know that to be true! I know that her not being able to have a baby is all part of Gods plan for her and the young girl, barely even in a relationship who just found her self pregnant with twins is all apart of Gods plan too! But, I have to be totally honest…the human in me struggles to understand how that is fair. I sometimes struggle to understand why God choose to take my nephew when he was only 8 days old, or why my niece’s daughter was stillborn. I look at my extremely healthy children and feel pain for those who have lost their sweet babies.
I AWLAYS catch myself when I being to feel unbearable pain or anger and the Lord reminds me of this…


Wow, I feel so much better…and I realize life might not be fair and the world is corrupt, BUT this is NOT our home!

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