Aloha Friday!


Welcome to Aloha Friday! After a week of craziness, it’s nice to have a little downtime like Aloha Friday. 

On Aloha Friday, each blogger asks a simple question. We link up at An Island Life, visit everyone who links up and answer their simple questions. This is a really fun way to make NEW bloggy friends! So Join us! 

My Question for you…

What was your best memory from this Summer? Are you looking forward to Fall?

Please leave a comment with you link! Don’t be afraid to join my site and grab my button!!! I look forward to making all kinds of new friends! 


10 thoughts on “Aloha Friday!

  1. I'm very much looking forward to fall and winter – I'm not a hot-weather person at all. I guess my best memory is that we got a pool and our kids (12-19) got a lot of enjoyment from it.

  2. I'm with Kari – I'm looking forward to fall and winter since I am not fond of heat and humidity, both of which we've had an overabundance of this summer. 😉 But my favorite memory from this past summer is time spent with family in Washington State – can't wait to move back. 🙂The Smart Plan

  3. My best time was just last Saturday at our Family/Friend costume reunion party and my Aunt Mitzi was able to come, and it's the first time she saw my house. She had a really good time and there was tons of food and I dressed up as Katy Perry (didn't look like her much except for the wig LOL). Great fun was had by all and hubby's band THE DESIGNATED RIDERS played for our party of course. GREAT TIME!

  4. I'm ready to wake up tomorrow morning to cold raining weather and fall. Seriously! Health issues and four funerals made this summer pretty lousy. The best memory I have is spending a few days at Disneyland with our grandchildren, Kailani, her sister and all their kids. It was pure Magic!!

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