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A few my personal FAVORITES!!!

OH S.N.A.P. A Motivational Reading Reward Strategy {Customizable}

By Hope King {she has the BEST stuff!}

About Oh S.N.A.POH S.N.A.P. does not only reward those students who are demonstrating progress by advancing levels in their reading. This program also rewards those students who are going above and beyond to become the very best readers that they can be. While using OH S.N.A.P. to encourage reading, students will be rewarded for four different reading achievements: Reading Practice (Reading Logs), A.R. (Accelerated Reader: If your school does not implement this program, there is an alternate point system), Reading Level Advancement, & Readers Response. 

Super in Second! {Beginning of the Year Activities for 2nd Grade}

By Babbling Abbey

About Super in Second

This activity pack is filled with things to do during the first few weeks of 2nd grade to get your students excited about the school year. It was created after several 2nd grade teachers contacted me to ask that I alter my “Fun with Firsties” pack to be suitable for their students.

Teacher Reading Binder: Ultimate Resource for any Teacher!

By Lesson Plan SOS Teacher
About Reading Binder

1. Guided Reading Binder 101- 12 pages

2. Guided Reading Guru!- 92 pages3. Reading Binder Cover Pages- 15 pages4. Comprehension Posters- 18 pages5. Guided Reading Teacher/Student Venn Diagram- 21 pages6. Intermediate Grades Comprehension Reading Activities- 18 pages7. Primary Grades Comprehension Reading Activities- 17 pages8. Guided Reading Groups Bulletin Board Display- 33 pages9. Super Reader Craftitivity- 4 pages10. Super Reader Cape Tracers- 4 pages11. Super Reader Dr. Tracers- 9 pages

Cloudy with a Chance

By Hope King

About Cloud with a Chance

This 118 page unit combines research, observation and experimentation to allow students to dive head first into basic weather concepts. This unit includes 10 lessons that can be taught during a three week weather unit. Here is a look at the lesson breakdown: 

Lesson 1: Welcome to Chewandswallow Duration: 1 Day Lesson 2: Know the Lingo Duration: 1 Day Lesson 3: What is a Meteorologist? Duration: 1 Day Lesson 4: A Meteorologist’s Toolbox Duration: 1 Day Lesson 5: Weather Tools Duration: 2 Days Lesson 6: Severe Weather Alert Duration: 4 Days Lesson 7: Going Live Duration: 2 Days Lesson 8: Let’s Make Clouds Duration: 1 Day Lesson 9: Cloud Watching Duration: 1 Day Lesson 10: How Much Does it Hold? Duration: 1 Day

The Great Pumpkin Investigation {Student Journal}

By Cara Carroll

About The Great Pumpkin Investigation

The Great Pumpkin Investigation is a 10 page student journal used for recording observations, predictions, and estimations of a pumpkin.

I could go on and on and on and on….There are 1000’s to choose from! There is even a HUGE free section!