A Peek in the Classroom


It is still a work in progress! I have a lots of addition I would like to add…but finding the time has been a issue! I moved our classroom from the Dining Room to the downstair Family room. The dining room was getting far too cluttered and to be honest I really need some separation! The family room is very large and roomy, which is so nice! I have it broken down into areas: Book Work, Computer, Reading Corner, Arts and Crafts.

I have plans for my reading corner:

I love the basic idea of this…however I’m going to do a teepee instead of a hut! 
Oh the plans!! Until then here is a little peek at our school room!

Where is Steve? We have a dear friend who is walking for the Space Needle to Times Square to raise money and awareness about UZIMA Africa…http://www.needle2square.blogspot.com

This months curriculum

Book Shelf with binders and art supplies

This round table is great and better then nothing…but I’m in dyer need of a kidney table! 
This is what I will be adding in the weeks to come!

I LOVE this table! All the kids would be at the same table but not too close….Those of you with more than one kiddo knows what I mean 🙂

Rain Gutter Bookshelf! My hubby will be getting these up this week/weekend!!

How fun is this?!? Tree Coat rack!

I want to do an “All about me” at the beginning of the year and the end! I think that will be fun to see how things change!

OH SNAP! Reading!


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