31 Days of Exercise & Health


Over the summer I felt very disconnect from my blog, so I made the decision that i was going to blog as much as I could…enter The Nester’s 31 days of… post challenge for the month of October!
In this challenge you are supposed to pick a theme…
31 Days of Exercise & Health

Why did I decide on Exercise and Health?…
I have a personal goal that I would like to reach by November…{I actually set it before I decided to participate in this challenge.} 
Since having the twins I have really struggled with loosing weight and having energy. I am not happy with the way I look and feel so it is time for a change! I know that participating in this challenge will help me get the boost I need and to get and stay motivated! 
This theme was not selected with just me in mind. Last week my very slender husband found out that he is pre diabetic…It runs in his family. We have already started cutting this out of our diet and watching the what we eat and working out together! 
Beyond my personal goal, I would LOVE for YOU to be involved too! Are you trying to reach a weight loss goal? Are you trying to eat healthy?  would really love to hear from my readers about what you are doing! I would also LOVE a little encouragement too! 
So PLEASE leave a comment and tell me your goal, your favorite workout, favorite meal…or just a little love! I would love to feature your workouts and meals!! You can leave your comment on Lollipops and Snapshots Facebook page or @LollipopSnap on twitter.
In addition there will be Monday Must Haves & Motivation! a weekly link up where you can share your link to share favorite gear and we can all encourage each other!! It will start next week! 
There you have it..
  • Workouts 
  • Meals
  • Encouragement  

and more!! 
Welcome to 31 Days of Exercise and Health

Keep up to date with my 31 day challenge by either clicking on my page tab or by click on each days link on the right side bar! 


5 thoughts on “31 Days of Exercise & Health

  1. Hi! I found you on The Nester's link up page. I am excited to follow your journey. I need some encouragement in this area. I have struggled since I had my son, so I am excited to find your blog.

  2. I have also found you through The Nester! I'm writing about the same topic and I too have started my weight loss journey before this challenge:) I can't wait to see what else you write about! Heres to giving each other motivation to keep on keeping on!!!

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