DAY 1 | 31 Days of Exercise and Health

Let the games begin! 🙂

The Plan…

Ok, so I have 3 little kids, I homeschool, we have AWANA and Bible Study on Wednesday, We have our co-op and Soccer on Thursdays, and we have a soccer game every Saturday…I do NOT have a ton of time to work out during the day…and I’ll be honest after the kiddos are in bed I am ready to relax!

Is there a solution for me?
I have created a plan that I think will work great for me and my schedule!

During the day {excluding Thursdays} I will do a few quickie workouts…You know those excersises that take 30 minutes or less, like:

Here is one of my most FAVORITE less then 10 minute workouts! I love this and I do it daily…and if you stick with it for a week you will see results!
In the evenings…

Tonight when the kiddos head to bed my husband and I will start for the first time ever P90X! I am so excited! I thrive on things are hard…I am REALLY competitive so the fact that my hubby is doing it too will be a awesome push for me!

My husband and I also do crunches and weights together.

I will update once a week on my P90X progress!

The Dinner…

Tonight we will be having:

  • Salmon
  • Red Skin Potatoes with rosemary
  • Raw Veggies
  • Fresh Fruit
The Encouragement…

I feel like Rosie is a great day one encourager! Starting is the hardest part….But You Can Do It…and so can I!!!

Don’t forget to stop by The Nester where there are over 1,000 other links in the 31 Days Of… Series!


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