5 Minute Friday | RACE


I had something totally different on mind and I was sure that was what I was going to write about…until I was stopped in my tracks…I opened Facebook today and was shocked…stunned…saddened. The photography community was rocked this morning when our beloved friend and amazing mom Jen Burgess Thompson died. I have spent months praying for her. She left two young sons…and that just kills my heart. The word race changed when I found out and I began to recall her race…
At 36 Jen was diagnosed with stage 3 ovarian cancer.
Jen was living the ultimate race…the race against time. She was on the road to recovery until she hit a major set back. (side note…I am having a very difficult time writing this…I’m writing on my iPad in my bedroom and my three littles are playing on the floor surrounding me…and Jen had to say goodbye and now she is gone…it is almost unbareable for me to think about)

As mothers, as parents, as children I think we all need to step back and decide what is important…because we never know. Our lives are a race against time, and for most of us the time is lengthy, but…there is a but.
Today, my clock DOES NOT matter, Im going to cherish every moment I have with my husband and my children! I don’t want to worry about all the things we have to do, that we need to do and we want to do. I want to make time stand still. If we don’t do school today oh well!
So broken hearted I leave you with this: how will you cherish you time today, this weekend? 
My sweet husband knowing how badly I am taking this has taken the rest of the day off work and we are spending every moment of the day together…we have so many things going on, so many stresses…like our fridge is broken, we aren’t sure how we are going to pay some bills..ect : you know what I mean…but that is all going on the back burner! Today is a day of togetherness, memory making, family cherishing! 
Do me a favor | Hug your kiddos extra today and say a prayer for Jens boys Cohen and Cooper and her parents!!!
XOXOXO Jen you will be so missed:*(
To my readers:
May the Lord bless you all today!!
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4 thoughts on “5 Minute Friday | RACE

  1. What a beautiful and heartbreaking post. So sorry to hear about the loss of such a beautiful woman. I, too, wrote about cancer for Five Minute Friday,after seeing RACE. My mom was diagnosed with breast cancer last October. The word RACE made me think of Race for the Cure.

  2. So heartbreaking, yet beautiful. Thank you for the reminder to stop, to slow down, to savor the hear and now. We just don't know how much time we have on this earth. I am so sorry for the loss of this amazing woman.

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