Getting Organized Freebies

I have said it before…and here I am telling you again…I am not organized! I have struggled for years to keep things in order, from the house to homeschool curriculum. It hard…I wish that I was organized. So I have created a LIFE & FAMILY PLANNER for me to keep track of my busy life! I created a binder full of two page monthly calendars, weekly calendars, and even daily calendars. In addition I created monthly goals, reminders and cleaning schedules. Of course the basics are included too…tabs, cover…ect! This will all be available for you to download on Jan. 1st!! Other big news…I have also created a HOMESCHOOL PLANNER that will be available for download at the beginning of Jan!!! I have worked my booty off making it perfect and easy to use! Oh yes…both planners will be totally FREE for Download!! Until January here are few printables! My Cleaning Schedule and My Goals! Please Enjoy!


DOWNLOAD: Goals and Cleaning Schedules