Five Minute Friday: Opportunity

Five Minute Friday


Every morning I wake up knowing that I have been given another opportunity to spend more time with my kids, to give compassion to the hurting friends in my life, to love more, to yell less, to better my children’s lives! Everyday is a new beginning, the wrongs and hurts of yesterday can start to heal and my “could haves” can become “did it” today! Each new day brings along with it a fresh start the opportunity to fix the broken relationship. I can spend more time with my heavenly father. The new opportunity that each day brings also give the ability to look at the life that I have lived…to reflect on all the aspects of my life. I have to chance to decide if I am content or if I need to make changes. Everyday is the opportunity to say, hello to new beginnings and goodbye to past failure. Every new day bring the opportunity to watch my amazing children grown and learn. The opportunity to love my wonderful husband. Each day bring opportunity…a opportunity that I will hold on to and cherish!


Blog Organization? Yes Please!

I started blogging while I was pregnant with the twins in 2009.  I had a habit of writing down post ideas, recipes I’d like to post, brands I’d like to review, ect. on random papers. I know…remember I am not a organized person by nature!  I finally had enough at the beginning of 2010 I needed to get thing under control…I was doing an average of 15 reviews and giveaways per month and that number was always growing. I implemented a little blog planner, so that I could write down all my ideas, goals, giveaways, ect. I was AMAZING and a life and time saver! I would decided when I would write what. When reviews needed to be done! Ahhhh I was great! In the fall of 2012 I decided that I wanted to share what I have been using for the last few years! My planner consists 24 pages {to download} full of: yearly at a glance, monthly, weekly, goals, statistics and so much more!


The Yearly Blog Planner Download