Getting back into the swing of things…


If you are like me then January is the “getting back on track” month after the Christmas season! I go through this every year. Sometimes it can be hard to re-implement the school day after it has been weeks of…well no school! Here are a few tips that have worked for me!


Resume Regular Scheduled Programming:
Are you like me and have a homeschool day schedule that works great for you? I have worked very hard to create a day that will keep my kids eager and engaged! For our home it is very important to resume our regular day as soon as January begins! I have found in past years if I drift from the schedule Elias is used to it just adds more stress and drama!

A Lighter Load:
After resuming our schedule I do make a few changes for the first week or two in January.

For the first week I cut each subject in half, this works great! (example: instead of the regular 2 chapters in History we’ll do one. We will have 2 worksheets in Explode the Code rather than 4) Elias doesn’t feel overwhelmed and it helps revive routine!

I focus on non electronic subjects. I steer away from the iPad and computer for that first week! If your kids are anything like mine Christmas break involved more than their fair share of video games!

Electronic Free School Room:
This is VERY important for my family! It is too easy for preschoolers and a grade schooler to get distracted! We have a separate homeschool room in our house so it is easy for us to leave the iPad, cell phones, iPods, DS, ect upstairs! If you do not have a separate school room I would highly recommend an “electronics basket” large enough to keep all your family’s distracting electronics in! Then put the basket in your room…out of site out of mind!

I do have designated game times in our school day! DS time is only about 45 minutes in the whole school day (broken in to short game times) Obviously game time something that you have to decide for your family!

Limit Activities:
Limiting our outside the home activities is curtail for us in January! Our kids have been going going going since Thanksgiving and it is time for a slow down! In January we have two things outside the home…Homelink and AWANA!

Family Time:
Lastly, I think that ending the school day with family fun hour is so important! It doesn’t matter the game the location…just that you are doing it as a family! (example: today there is snow…a whole lot of snow…there a lot of fun out there just waiting for the end of the day!)

Please feel free to download my Homeschool Planner! I have gotten great feedback! It has really helped other moms on track!!

3 thoughts on “Getting back into the swing of things…

  1. I found your blog on the Hip Homeschool Blog hop. Thought I’d stop by and say hi 🙂 What does your homeschool schedule look like? I’m fairly new to it all and found that I entered into it a bit TOO scheduled and have decided to relax things up a bit, but now since we’ve started it seems a bit TOO relaxed :/

    • Hi! We usually tackle 6 subjects or units per day! We start a 9am…lunch at 11…end the day at about 2:30-3pm! For example today: we did grammar, spelling & reading. Took a break then wrote to Penpals, explode the code, history and science. Another break then ended our day with the starting of a unit study about American Indians, more grammar (per request my 2nd grader) and the Life of Fred – 5 chapters! I like to spend 25-30 minutes per subject! My goal is to keep my children engaged and wanting to learn…if I see that they are not interested in something we will switch gears and do another subject, then come back to the other one:)Please feel free to email me @ You can also download and print my homeschool planner! It really helps to keep me on track without being too strict or too relaxed 🙂

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