Ummm…Britni, where are you?

Over the last week my inbox has been filled with “Is everything ok?” & “where are you?” messages…first of all, I love you guys! Thank you so much for checking on me! I have had quite the week….

Late last week I had noticed that my very back upper molar was really bothering me, it was giving be a headache from the pain and it had started to become very sensitive to both hot and cold. My husband immediately called our dentist and scheduled me an appointment for this past Wednesday! I was so excited thinking I would be getting rid of this pain. On Tuesday night I almost couldn’t deal with how bad it hurt. At my appointment on Wednesday I was not at all surprised to find out that yes, it was a cavity…ugh. my dentist told me that at some point my tooth had cracked down the center and over time this cavity had built. They decided to fill it right there. After they were done I felt great and left the office….after about 15 minutes the pain meds had worn off and I could tell!!! When we got home I immediately took some Tylenol thinking I was just being extra sensitive. After 2 Tylenol, 2 ibuprofen {with ZERO relief}, and lots of tears, we called the dentist. He said “Get in here NOW” we live about 15 minutes from the office, but it felt like hours. You know when you’re in labor and they ask “On a scale of 1-10 what’s you pain” my mouth pain was at a 12!! I was crying in pain {keep in mind I have a VERY high threshold for pain} As soon as I walked in the office they took me back and numbed me…OH SWEET RELIEF!! So, where was all this pain coming from? It turned out that the cavity he filled was so deep and so horrible that during the filling I had gotten EXTREME nerve damage. We talked about the options: he could take the filling out and re-fill it with a nerve friendly filling {UGH NOOOOOO!!} I could get a route canal, or pull it…it may sound extreme but I decided to have him pull it. Thank the Lord I did! After getting to tooth out he {my dentist} was stunned, the tooth was cracked in the route and it was so damaged…no route canal would have been able to fix that bad boy! The nerve damage was causing the entire left side of my mouth pain, once that tooth was out I could feel my mouth relax…it was really something.

How am I today? Other than sore gums I’m doing great – on a scale from 1-10…maybe 1! I have an antibiotic and a pain reliever {I have only taken it twice not so much for pain but the aching in my gums} I can eat and talk…so I’m good 😉

Not exactly how I planned to spend my wednesday…but so happy with how things turned out!

Now, I’m looking forward to the Awesomeness I have planned for next week!!

Smiles and Blessings

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