Read It, Spell It, Write It Printable

My oldest son really likes games and puzzles…because of this I really wanted something for reading and writing that is really fun {reading and writing are NOT his favorite subjects} I started searching and honestly I found a few things I liked…but nothing I loved that I was willing to pay for. Instead of being discouraged…I created! Here is what I came up with…


Read It, Spell It, Write It DOWNLOAD

What you get with this printable set:

“Game Boards”


There are 6 different colors to print!  {You can print one or all} I decided to make them in more than one color – this way each child can have their very own!

I would HIGHLY recommend printing these game boards on cardstock and then getting them laminated so that they will last {Wet Erase markers will work awesome on these! Everything will stay in place until you wipe it with a damp wipe! I found that the easy wipe off ones end up making a mess and made my son really annoyed!}

“Word Panels”


This comes with 16 different blank panels – each has a different animal on it. I decided to make these blank so that this printable set can span all ages! How this works: Mama picks a word {at the childs level of course :)} and writes it on the panel {This goes in the “Read it” area on the game board} Again I would recommend printing on cardstock and laminating after cutting each panel out. The same wet erase markers will be great!

“Letter Tiles”


3 pages with Letters A-Z in both upper and lower case. I would suggest printing 3-4 of each page so that you have multiples of each letter to spell words like “error” “letter” ect. Just like before…print on cardstock and laminating after cutting each letter tile out.

Fun Tip:

Adding velcro will keep every thing in place {I like this Velcro…cheap but effective!}

I REALLY hope you enjoy this as much as we have! If you have any questions please feel free to email me {}

Smiles & Blessings

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8 thoughts on “Read It, Spell It, Write It Printable

  1. Wow! What a great idea! I love it. I’m a reading therapist and I could really use something like this. Thank you for sharing this idea.
    I also homeschool my 3 children. My youngest daughter also likes word games and puzzles. We use Your son may like it. You can input your own vocabulary words for him into the program. Then the program uses those words in different games of your choosing, like Word Unscramble.
    Again, thanks for this idea. I use Phono-Graphix to tutor in reading. Letter tiles is something I use with the kids I tutor. So this will be a great tool to leave with the moms to use with their little ones.
    Oh, I almost forgot. I bought my daughter a dry erase mechanical board that she loves. It’s not messy like a regulary dry erase board can be. It’s called a Boogy Board. I bought it at Radio Shack. She loves to practice her writing on it!!

  2. What a neat idea! Maybe I will have some grandchildren some day to use it on. If you have a scrabble game, you could use those tiles – easy to pick up and feel good to the fingers.

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  6. Wow! I’ve just discovered your blog via The Happy Housewife/meet Penny/Blessed Beyond a Doubt Free Printables Friday (hopefully I’ve got that all right) — kind of round-about, but sure glad I followed the trail that led here! 🙂

    This Read it, Spell it, Write it printable you’ve created is perfect. Thank you so much for sharing. Love your new Homeschool/Meal Planner also.

    with warmest regards —Kari J.

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