Let’s do this thing!

I’m in control…look out!

My weight has been the source of annoyance, disappointment and sadness for far to long! Enough is enough!

The plan of attack?!
Zumba Monday nights, daily ab and yoga workouts, and walking walking walking!

I cannot wait to get this Zumba gear!! I love this green!!!


My goals?! I’d love to share three with you!
#1) My birthday is Mar. 18th and we (my hubby’s birthday is the 9th) are planning a kickin bday party with some awesome friends. I want to get a new pair of jeans in a size 6 (I currently wear a 9/10) so I’ve decied that my goal number is 15lbs (but I gonna try to hit 20)

#2) I want my nose pieced…I’ve wanted it for 20 years…no joke! My hubby knows how badly I want it! So we decided 30lbs lost goal is….getting my nose pierced!

#3) I want a cute swimsuit this summer…I haven’t had a swimsuit that I have liked since…ummm….hmmm!?! I have the added issue of being extremely busty…even at 115 lbs I wore a DD…so that it just ridiculous with this weight gain! It’s virtually impossible to find a swimsuit that can accommodate…and finding a cute one? Yeah, No! I have loved this swimsuit for a while now and I’M GETTING IT THIS YEAR!!


Do you have any weight loss goal for the new year? Or any goals for that matter? I’d love to hear!

Smiles & Blessings


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