A-Z Tracing Printables

Now that the twins are getting older they REALLY want to do everything that Elias is doing! This can make for some very hectic and very emotional school days…those of you with a school age child and a preschooler know exactly what I mean! I needed to get this under control…so what did I do? I created some letter tracing printables. I made these with both upper case and lower case. They feel like they are really doing school…because it’s fun, but I know they are, and BONUS they are not harassing their older brother! With the printables I can print as many or as little as I want!

I know my twins will need as much practice as possible writing letters to develop good handwriting and to learn the alphabet! They love it! A three year old, a marker, a piece of paper! Perfect!

By using a tracing pages and toys that correspond with the letter {ex. Letter B tracing page with items such as a: bear, basket, banana ect.} Your little one can associate letters of the alphabet with the corresponding objects that they know. Most preschoolers take a while to connect the word “zebra” with the letter “Z”. So, it really helps having the toys/items along with their tracing.


A-Z Letter Tracing Download

How we use them…

I like to give the twins their own crayon or marker when they use these…I don’t pencils because I want them to be able to see the marks they are making! Also I have laminated them so that they can be used over and over with a dry erase marker!

Smiles & Blessings