Crazy Cute Craftiness: DIY Nail Polish Caddie!


There are always TONS AND TONS of craft ideas floating around in my head! Today “Crazy Cute Craftiness” was born!


We all have those items lying around our homes…you know the things you aren’t using any more but you think ‘hey maybe I could use it for something…someday’ For me it is a rotating spice rack we got as a wedding gift {12 years ago} The spices and have long since be used, the bottles have disappeared or gotten broken…so it sits in the way back of a cabinet..taking up space!


Ummm this is really sad isn’t it!!?

Then there is my nail polish…oh the nail polish! I LOVE painting my nails! I usually change the color of my nails once a week…unless we have a date night! You know what that means…I have a TON of nail polish!

For years this is how I have stored it…in a plastic storage container that I can put under the bathroom sink.



I decided that I need a better solution for both my old spice rack taking up needed space and my plethora of nail polish…Thus the birth of the “Nail Polish Caddie!”


What you need:



hot glue gun and glue sticks

Cardstock or heavy weight paper {any color…I just happened to have this recycled color}


Step 1:

Trace the bottom of the rack on the paper

{you want to make sure that you are tracing around the part where the spices sit…it should he two little bars about an inch apart}


due to tight spaces you might not have a perfect circle…just fill it in so you know where to cut!


Step 2: Cut 2


Step 3 : Cut each circle in half


Step 4: Cut smaller half circle out of half creating a little “floor” {Be sure to measure the width of your rack where the spices would sit…mine was an inch}

If yours is like mine these little floors will a little long so clip the ends until it fits to your liking


Step 5: Heres where the hot glue comes in…run a small bead of glue on the top of each bar, gently place the floor on the glue…please be very careful hot glue has burned me many times!

{This will just give it a little extra hold…it isn’t necessary but I would recommend it}




Step 6: Load that baby up!! On my particular spice rack there was a little center area…it fits remover perfectly!



So there you have it! 6 SUPER easy steps to create something pretty stinkin cool! I think it too me about 15-20 minutes from start to finish! Now my nail polishes fit perfectly on my bathroom counter and hardly takes up any room…which my hubby LOVES!!

Smiles & Blessings

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