One week into Lent

So I wanted to give a little bit of a lent update:
Last Wednesday {2/13} was the first day of Lent. This is the first year that we decided to participate! {Read more about our participation in Lent HERE} We decided to give up all drinks except water and sweets for Lent! It’s almost been a week now and I have so much more energy!! I’m not sluggish at the end of the day because of all the sweets in the drinks in the food that we are eating! I have even lost a few pounds which I’m really excited about!!
We also have stopped getting angry and yelling – every time I find myself getting upset I immediately seek God and start praying!  I have really seen a difference in my mood and honestly my kids moods too! Our home is over all calmer and happier!! AWESOME!!
What’s all this doing for my relationship with Jesus?  I have found myself praying and spending so much more time with God! I’m not consumed by what’s going on and getting upset or getting angry.  I’m not hyper and unglued and unable to focus because of all the sweets and all the sugar, I feel so much more calm and connected with God! I feel like I have the relationship that I’ve longed to have again!! In addition, This week I am starting my women’s Bible study in Ephesians and I’m really excited about it! I have even downloaded a daily devotional from my favorite you version app on Ephesians and another one on Galatians! If you don’t have the you version app I would highly recommend it it’s available in App Store!
 I’m really happy that we decided to participate in Lent.  I feel like it has drawn me so much closer to the Lord and showed me that those things that I felt like I was relying on are so unnecessary and not something that I need to rely on nor need in my life!!
How about you did you decide to participate in Lent? How’s it going? I’d love hear!!
Smiles & Blessings

One thought on “One week into Lent

  1. I really have no idea how I landed on your blog, but it was an interesting read. Maybe I was led by the Holy Spirit?

    I’m glad you are experiencing the spiritual (and physical) benefits of Lent. I converted to Catholicism thirteen years ago and look forward to Lent every year…it just might be my favorite liturgical season. Growing up in a nondenominational church, I was never exposed to Lent… there was never any talk about it… I really didn’t even know it existed. I’m very thankful that I know otherwise now. Lent really is a great time to purge obstacles that we could be placing in our path to follow Jesus. It prepares us to be increasingly more honest and generous followers of Jesus Christ. It’s that little bit of a push that some of us need. And what better time than in preparation for the Holiest of all Lord’s Days…Easter Sunday.

    As we are entering Holy Week, I hope that you had a fruitful and rewarding Lent so far and that you have a Happy (and perhaps more meaningful) Easter!


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