Grapevine Bible Study Review and Giveaway!

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As a child my very artistic mother taught me everything through drawings. It didn’t matter what it was she would always teach and tell stories through doodles.  Now I’m the mom and I’m the teacher and I love teaching my children through pictures and so for that reason Grapevine Bible Studies is amazingly perfect fit for us!

Grapevine Bible Studies differ from other studies not only in its’ use of stick figure drawings, but in the manner that it breaks down sections of the Bible into small, bite-sized, digestible chunks of memorable information! Our oldest is about retain and enjoy so much because of how this wonderful program is put together!  As the kiddos work through the five-part-lessons they understand the biblical characters and events in terms of their context, chronology, culture and geography.

When I was blessed with the wonderful opportunity to review not ONLY the Joseph Multi Level but ALSO the Joseph Traceable, I was ecstatic!!

I received Joseph Multi Level ebook and Joseph Traceable ebook along with their teachers guides! When I got the email with my ebooks I downloaded to my desktop computer and my iPad.


Our Thoughts:

I have REALLY loved having the full color Teacher’s Book! Teacher Book guides you through the daily activities! Each lesson begins with reading scripture from the Bible, followed by discussion of the scriptures(s), which is sometimes followed by a map assignment. Looking up key words in the Bible dictionary…my sons favorite part! AND then….Finally we get to draw our stick figures! The drawing is kiddos favorite part…and…ahem…mine too!!



WOWY!!! Who would have thought that “stick figuring” through the Bible could be so much fun?!?! We have thoroughly enjoyed ourselves with this study! My oldest son LOVES it and says  “Joseph is his favorite part of school!”

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What You’ll Need:

You kids {or students} will need the Grapevine Studies Student book and crayons, markers or colored pencils {mine opted for all}


Teachers will need the Grapevine Studies Teacher book, a Bible, a Bible dictionary, a dry erase board & markers (8 colors).

How did I get Organized?:

First, I began printing off the Student eBook for the kids. Each child will need their own copy of the book. For my oldest I printed the Multi-level book and for the twins I printed the traceable book. Each of them had their own folder as well!


Note- I didn’t print off the teachers guide I opened it on my iPad – there was less paper for me to keep track of!

I have a 16×20 white board that I used! Then…we all sit in a circle so everyone can see and hear!

About Grapevine:

Grapevine Studies is a Bible curriculum that uses time lines and stick figures to teach Biblical events.  Grapevine offers products for young children through adults, ranging from Old and New Testament. They offer  multi-level studies, great for families with multiple children and their brand new traceable studies for very young {or in our case: the little brother and sister who want to do EXACTLY what their big brother does!}

Bible Study for All Ages

Grapevine Bible Studies are available for every age level beginning with their new offering, Traceables, appropriate for ages 3-5. We chose this level for Billy to work with and he really enjoyed it. Created to allow younger students to work along with their older siblings, Traceables offer a “filled out” stick figuring box (with the stick figures in gray) on the student worksheets which young students can trace over. In our case, Billy wanted to color the figures more than trace them, but that was okay! By the end of the lesson he had truly made a connection with the scripture and did very well answering the review questions. That understanding was the goal of the lesson, not perfect tracing.

In addition to the TraceablesGrapevine Studies offers the following levels

  • Beginner (Ages 5-7)
  • Level 1 (Ages 6-8)
  • Level 2 (Ages 8-10)
  • Level 3 (Ages 10-13)
  • Level 4 (Young Teen)
  • Level 5 (Teen-Adult)
  • Multi-Level (Ages 7 and up)

Each Grapevine study begins with introducing the students to the big picture of what will be covered in the form of a time line.  This forms a framework for the students to fit each additional piece of information as it is covered.  Subsequent lessons then take the students through each time line event in more detail, adding relevant facts and concepts. With a nice mix of Bible memory work and review questions, Grapevine has it covered.

Would you like to win the Grapevine Joseph study? I have the opportunity to give away a student and teacher eBook to one of my readers! Plus, you get to choose between the beginner, the multi-level study OR traceable!



a Rafflecopter giveaway

The giveaway ends at midnight on Saturday, March 30th! Winner will be randomly selected and emailed. Be sure to leave a separate comment for each entry and a way for me to contact you in case you win! For more info about the Grapevine Studies, be sure to visit the Grapevine website or the Grapevine Facebook page!

Resurrection Eggs!! {Free Printables and Activities}


With Easter almost upon us, this is a wonderful opportunity to share with our children what the Bible says about the death and resurrection of Jesus.

In our home we use :

Bible {NIV and ESV}

Picture books


Resurrection Eggs


These all help our littles learn and understand the story of Jesus.

Resurrection Eggs are terrific way to share the Easter story of Jesus’s resurrection with your children. This is meant to be a fun family involved celebration!

Share about Jesus using one egg at a time. Explain in your own words (and ask your children) what each item symbolizes and read the verses from the Bible. (The older the child, the more you may want to read.) Eventually, even young children can tell the story of Jesus’ death and resurrection with the help of the symbols found in the eggs.

Crack open each egg and see the story of Jesus’ resurrection! Each egg contains a tiny little card with a picture and a bible verse. Pictured below is egg #12 HE IS RISEN!


What you will need to assemble a Resurrection eggs:

egg carton, paper bag {Lunch bag size} or a treasure chest: I chose the treasure chest because we have taught our children since birth that Jesus is the the ultimate gift…treasure. When I stumbled upon the treasure chest I felt like they were quite fitting! {the one we have was from a Pirate birthday party we had}

12 brightly colored eggs {all different colors if possible}

Don’t forget to print this page! {Resurrection Egg Printables}


Cut out all 12 mini cards and number eggs with a black sharpie marker from 1 – 12….then stuff away, adding picture #1 to egg #1! It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3…..4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12



Mini Easter Flip Book:

I thought this was a fantastic way to reiterate everything found in the eggs! Each page has the same corresponding picture and the verse printed on it! I would recommend making one of these per child! My kiddos LOVE them!

What you need:

Cardstock to print on

Key rings or ribbon

hole punch

and the mini book cards…I have only pictured on page, each book consists of two pages. Don’t worry you will get both in the download!!

bookPG1 copy

After each page has been printed and cut, punch a hole in the upper left corner on each card….my hole punch went through them all at once, but I know my old one I had to punch through 1 page at a time!

Ater making sure the pages are in order add key ring or ribbon to hold them together!

Repeat until each child has there own!


*Please note that I spent many hours creating the images and testing the way that printed until I got them just right. If you decided to repost these… PLEASE do so, but please link to this post! Thank you!!! 

In addition to the resurrection eggs we love to do family activities! This Wonderful Easter family activity came from the beautiful blog “A Holy Experience” from Christian writer, Ann Voskamp.

8556401295_390a7581b3_z{Click photo or HERE to head over to her blog!}

Also from Ann Voskamp Download this Awesome Advent Celebration!

Ann Voskampdevo{Click Photo or HERE to download and/or print this wonderful Advent Journey}

Also from Ann Voskamp Download this Wonderful Devotional!


{Click Photo or HERE to download and/or print this wonderful devotional}

I hope you all have a wonderful and blessed Easter!

Smiles & Blessings

We Choose Virtues {Review and Giveaway!}

As a parent teaching my children virtues is very important but when I see TV shows,  listen to the radio or even watch made for children programming I realize the teaching virtues to my children may be harder than I though

There are times when it feels like everything is stacked up against me, it seems like the world around us doesn’t want our children to have virtues.
Here’s an example of what I mean…
Last year and a trip to Seattle my children were watching a cable cartoon channel ( Im not sure the channel, we don’t have cable in our home)
Because they had never seen this channel  before so  I sat and watch  with them…
I was absolutely stunned by what a particular show was encouraging kids be like… it was not love and kindness it was full of hate and revenge and greed.
Of course I immediately turned it off… Then my husband and I had a chat with our oldest son about what he had just saw and that what the characters were doing was not right, or appropriate. Oh and for the record none of the kids liked the show and what we saw was in probably 30 seconds of the show starting!
So what are parents to do? How are we supposed to teach our children virtues and encourage them to carry these virtues with them their entire lives?
Recently I was given the opportunity to use the We Choose Virtues Homeschool Kit!!
The HOMESCHOOL KIT is on sale this month! Use HOME20 for 20% discount at check-out. This Kit has a ton of awesome stuff:

• 5 posters


• 1 Achievement Chart


• 108 stickers

• Parenting Cards


• Flash Cards


• Virtue User ReviewsYou also get a BUNCH of PDF downloads:

• Teacher Handbook (50pg)

• PRINTABLE Coloring Pages


• PRINTABLE Character Assessment

• PRINTABLE Butterfly Awards!


Kit Available in New International or King James Version!

We Choose Virtues it is a beautiful full color program.
The program covers virtue such as
  • I am diligent
  • I am helpful
  • I am perseverant
  • I am gentle
  • I am content
  • I am attentive
  • I am honest
  • I am kind
  • I am self-controlled
  • I am patient
  • I am obedient
  • I am forgiving
Each virtue comes on a brightly colored card with a Bible verse to encourage each virtue.
Our very first virtue we studied was “HONEST”
IMG_7800 IMG_7779
Proverbs 12:19 says, “Truthful words stand the test of time, but lies are soon exposed.
Before the program has come our oldest son who just turned 8 was having a little bit of a “telling the truth” issue so immediately I selected the “honest” card to be our virtue of the week!!
Each monday we select one virtue card and  we post it on the wall. All week we do different things surround that virtue! We do all kinds of activities like books about the virtues and WCV has a super fun printable coloring book. Then the next Monday when we choose a new virtue we post it along with the other virtues that we have already covered.
What I think of We Choose Virtues?  Its absolutely amazing and I highly recommend it! Things I love:
The brightly colored cards.
I love the layout of the card I love how each card tells what each virtue means and what the virtue is not. I think that that’s very important for children to see both sides!
Parent Cards:
IMG_7802  IMG_7800  IMG_7801
Flash Cards:
The Bible verses on each card! they are very easy for children to use as a memory verse. Which I love!
The achievement chart is great as well! I love that our kids can see their progression in each virtue! The stickers are a great encouragement to my kiddos!!
I really love that on the chart is a caterpillar and the sticker is a butterfly…My oldest love to the progression!
The posters are amazing!! There are three posters on each poster are four mini posters! my kids love going and looking at the posters! I have them pinned up next to each other so the kids can see all 12 virtues all in one place they can see all their favorite characters like Hockey Stick Nick, Kettle Gretel and Feather Heather!!
The HOMESCHOOL KIT is on sale this month! Use HOME20 for 20% discount at check-out.
but…..The Lovely Heather McMillan has decided to let me give a set of the Parent Cards to one lucky reader at The Life In Bloom!!!!!!

The We Choose Virtues Parenting Card Giveaway runs from March, 15 2013 – March, 22 2013!


I want to also give a big shout out of Thank You to you Heather McMillan! You have been wonderful and I am so blessed to have made a new friend! Blessings to you and your family!

Smiles & Blessings


It was like any other day…checking my blog email…wait, what did that just say?!? I have to be honest I was SHOCKED to get this award…shocked and so very honored! It really feels so good to know that someone likes…really likes what I write! ❤ I want to give a big ol’ HUGE thank you to Kristy-lee over at Flutterby Rainbow! You made my day, and I’m so touched and honored…its really means a lot!! Friends, Please head over and check out Kristy-lee’s Blog {Flutterby Rainbow}


So…. here they are the infamous “sisterhood” awards questions!

1. Do you have Facebook or Twitter?


Facebook – The Life In Bloom

Twitter – The Life In Bloom

Pssssst…I’m on Pinterest too – The Life In Bloom

2. Your favorite pattern?

Stripes…Zigzag…Polka Dot…ahhhhhhh I can’t pick just one!!! Ooh! wait, what about Glitter!!

3. Do you prefer getting or giving presents?

GIVING! There is nothing better then the look on someones face when you give them a gift…a surprise gift is the BEST!

4. Your favorite number?

18! Me and three of my sisters and one niece were all born on the 18th, January 18th, March18th, May 18th & July 18th…its a pretty special number!

5. Your favorite day of the week?

Wednesday Night {Bible Study Night, we’re in Ephesians!!} and Saturday night {Yay Family time!}

6. Your favorite flower?

Tulips…I LOVE LOVE LOVE tulips!!

7. What is your passion?

My family…Being a Mama is so AMAZING! My kids are all so full of joy and that fills me with joy! I have a HUGE heart for Homeschooling & women’s ministry!

8. What is your favorite color?

Purple! {Anyone who knows me personally can attest to this}

9. Your favorite animal?

Orca- Killer Whale 😉 I have LOVED Orca’s since I was really little! I remember the first time I got to go to sea world…I almost couldn’t believe I was standing to close…THEN I got the honor of feeding and standing in the water with them!! AWESOME! They are so beautiful and graceful!

10. Your favorite non-alcoholic drinks?

Water and Madagascar Vanilla Red Tea

So here’s the thing with the Sisterhood award…once you get it to pass it on! How cool is that??!

Here are my nominations for the blogs that I love to read…please be sure to check out their blogs, I think that they are pretty great!

Blogs that I love…

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You are all so awesome!! 
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Thank you again Kristy-lee!!!
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