Resurrection Eggs!! {Free Printables and Activities}


With Easter almost upon us, this is a wonderful opportunity to share with our children what the Bible says about the death and resurrection of Jesus.

In our home we use :

Bible {NIV and ESV}

Picture books


Resurrection Eggs


These all help our littles learn and understand the story of Jesus.

Resurrection Eggs are terrific way to share the Easter story of Jesus’s resurrection with your children. This is meant to be a fun family involved celebration!

Share about Jesus using one egg at a time. Explain in your own words (and ask your children) what each item symbolizes and read the verses from the Bible. (The older the child, the more you may want to read.) Eventually, even young children can tell the story of Jesus’ death and resurrection with the help of the symbols found in the eggs.

Crack open each egg and see the story of Jesus’ resurrection! Each egg contains a tiny little card with a picture and a bible verse. Pictured below is egg #12 HE IS RISEN!


What you will need to assemble a Resurrection eggs:

egg carton, paper bag {Lunch bag size} or a treasure chest: I chose the treasure chest because we have taught our children since birth that Jesus is the the ultimate gift…treasure. When I stumbled upon the treasure chest I felt like they were quite fitting! {the one we have was from a Pirate birthday party we had}

12 brightly colored eggs {all different colors if possible}

Don’t forget to print this page! {Resurrection Egg Printables}


Cut out all 12 mini cards and number eggs with a black sharpie marker from 1 – 12….then stuff away, adding picture #1 to egg #1! It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3…..4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12



Mini Easter Flip Book:

I thought this was a fantastic way to reiterate everything found in the eggs! Each page has the same corresponding picture and the verse printed on it! I would recommend making one of these per child! My kiddos LOVE them!

What you need:

Cardstock to print on

Key rings or ribbon

hole punch

and the mini book cards…I have only pictured on page, each book consists of two pages. Don’t worry you will get both in the download!!

bookPG1 copy

After each page has been printed and cut, punch a hole in the upper left corner on each card….my hole punch went through them all at once, but I know my old one I had to punch through 1 page at a time!

Ater making sure the pages are in order add key ring or ribbon to hold them together!

Repeat until each child has there own!


*Please note that I spent many hours creating the images and testing the way that printed until I got them just right. If you decided to repost these… PLEASE do so, but please link to this post! Thank you!!! 

In addition to the resurrection eggs we love to do family activities! This Wonderful Easter family activity came from the beautiful blog “A Holy Experience” from Christian writer, Ann Voskamp.

8556401295_390a7581b3_z{Click photo or HERE to head over to her blog!}

Also from Ann Voskamp Download this Awesome Advent Celebration!

Ann Voskampdevo{Click Photo or HERE to download and/or print this wonderful Advent Journey}

Also from Ann Voskamp Download this Wonderful Devotional!


{Click Photo or HERE to download and/or print this wonderful devotional}

I hope you all have a wonderful and blessed Easter!

Smiles & Blessings

6 thoughts on “Resurrection Eggs!! {Free Printables and Activities}

    • Thank you so much Sarabeth! Thank you for being such an amazing children’s director! I loved doing it, and Easter celebration was so much fun! Looking forward to next year and creating a family fun event for this summer!

  1. What a beautiful and wonderful idea and I can’t wait to do this for my girls. I am making their easter baskets and have designed them to be about and around the resurrection of Jesus not about easter bunnies, candy, and toys. Thank you for your wonderful hard work and sharing it with the rest of us. Also do you have a different link for the advent calendar it is not working on my end. Blessings to you and yours.

  2. I just wanted to say “thank you” for the DIY resurrection eggs idea. I teach 1st & 2nd graders in Sunday School and stumbled upon this months ago. I divided the teaching segments for the eggs into 4 parts, 3 eggs each on the Sundays prior to Easter. I also found some small items to represent the things going in egg; i.e., praying hands charms, plastic coins, miniature dice, mini grapevine wreaths to represent the thorns, from places like Oriental Trading and craft stores. I know when I was a kid I always enjoyed the learning process more if there were tangible items instead of just pieces of paper. This did take lots of planning out and devotion on your own time to put these together. I have 22 students and I started planning a couple months in advance to make sure I had all items needed before beginning. I also laminated the cards story/verse cards with clear ConTact paper so they keep longer, and yet it’s much cheaper than lamination. The kids loved doing this, and I could tell that they were able to remember much more of the Easter story thanks to this little kit. I plan on using this with my students for years to come. Thanks again!

  3. Thank you so much for taking the time to do this devotion. I purchased the eggs last year and have misplaced my booklet . You have a great ministry. May God bless you.

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