14 Days of Quiet Time: Day 8 {& days 5, 6, & 7}



I know I have been MIA. These past few days have been very emotionally taxing.

For months we have been praying for my dear friend Diane’s 30 year old niece who has been suffering from horrible brain cancer. She under went many surgeries recently. After every surgery she would improve then suddenly go down hill fast. This most recent downhill slide the doctors informed Stacey and her husband that there was nothing else they could do. After MUCH prayer Stacey decided to go home and spend her final days in her home with her 5 children, husband and family. When they gave her a maximum of two weeks my heart broke…it truly shattered within me. I have two 30 year old nieces who I love with every single fiber of my being, I knew how much beloved Diane was hurting, I’m a mother, so I knew what was going through Stacey’s and her mother’s minds and hearts. I’m a child who loves my mommy so much, so I could understand what was going through her children’s minds…I was broken hearted.

A few days ago Stacey started slipping away from her untreatable brain cancer. Her husband was keeping everybody informed with CaringBridge. I would DREAD every single time my phone would buzz and say “Stacey’s CaringBridge Journal has been updated” my stomach would stink know that any day it would be updated letting everyone know that she had gone to be with the Lord. On friday she started sleeping more and more and then Saturday she woke once and was pain free…Everyone knew that the Lord would soon be welcoming her to eternity. Sunday afternoon she went home while she was sleeping. Her husband notified us all by saying ” she in now resting comfortably in the Lord’s arms, no more pain, no more suffering.” When I read those words it was EXTREMELY bittersweet, filled with total joy knowing that this girl who I have created a huge bond with even though I never got the chance to meet her in person was no longer in pain and agony from the horrible cancer living inside of her. At that every same moment my heart was filled with agony for her husband and 5 children {ages 9-2} and her family being without her. During this time I have been saying over and  over…


Today my heart go out to my sweet Diane and Stacey’s entire family, husband and little ones. Rest in Peace Stacey, until we meet. ❤