14 Days of Quiet Time


smallquietAt the beginning of my challenge I had every intention of posting every single day and sharing all the great stuff I had heard from the Lord. However, that was not the plan. Since I started my challenge I have spent nearly every morning with the Lord, listening for his words, and asking for his guidance. I have found much needed comfort in many scriptures and songs over the last few weeks. So, why haven’t I posted daily? Because somewhere around day 3 ish I realized that I NEEDED to step away from the computer, the iPad, the iPhones, and spend some good old fashion mommy play time with my kids! This was sparred by a number of things…a spouse saying goodbye to the one they’ve loved forever, a mother saying goodbye to her child, and children saying goodbye to there beloved mother, a fiancee’ finding out that the one they love it terminal. Life is truly too short! No more sitting with them while they played, but playing dolls, DS, Nintendo, Pirates, ect with them! The mood in our home changed over night! {Not that there was anything bad before…just different!} My children are the most important part of my life and I want to spend every moment I have enjoying them! So this will be short…I just printed some awesome Lalaloopsy coloring pages and my littles just came running in with light sabers!!! And a little girl awaiting “hot pink” nails!


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