You’ve been asking…Back by popular demand!!

In the past few weeks I have had a TON of emails asking me to re-post the Family Planner Printable!!


Family Planner 2013 Download HERE!

Included are 36 page for you to mix and match…it all depends on how much detail you want your months, weeks and days to have! Each page was custom designed {I spent a lot of time on them making them perfect!} I have also included a number of extras…like the cleaning and goal pages, and contact lists separated into friends, family, neighbors and medical! Each month is created with two pages with ample writing room. Within each week there are daily pages so that you can keep track of everything!

Don’t forget:

a three inch 3 ring binder

page protectors

tape {to add the month tab to each month}

colored pens {this will help keep track of multiple children and their activities!}

Keep an eye out for a brand new on coming this fall!!!



And I’m Back!!!

If it seems like I’ve been a little MIA it’s because I have been!

A lot happened in the time that I have been away from The Life in Bloom.

School ended so that means that I now have a third-grader and really excited we been planning and Im pleased to say I have a awesome curriculum in place for next year (more on that towards the end of summer!!)

It’s not the end of school and summer break without getting a horrible flu right?! Yep! that’s right we all had the flu. It was so bad that we couldn’t get out of bed! It was the worst sickness that has been in our house in years!!

Having the flu wasnt bad enough…lets add insult to injury our very expensive computer had a little issue (so we thought) the backlight went out so we set up an appointment and took it in when you got home and plugged it in and we discovered that they had accidentally wiped our hard drive and I mean WIPED everything was gone!

A few days before the backlight went out we were editing a very very special and important wedding the bride and groom are the sweetest couple on earth and just weeks before their wedding day the young groom was diagnosed with a very severe and very rare type of cancer (he is on of 60 to be diagnosed) so we were working so hard to get this couple of the pictures that they so much deserved and the backlight goes out…thank God that we had everything from their wedding backed up!!

But not everything was backed up…

All and I mean every last bit of graphic design work but I have done in the last year and a half that I just had never gotten a chance to back up is gone… You may notice a change in my blog design that’s why because I lost everything! We lost the last six months of iPhone and iPad photos which it could be so much worse I have a wonderful friend who lost the last four years that were on her iPad when it was stolen 😦 I lost a whole bunch of documents and paperwork for both our business and my business! It was really really hard on us it was emotional it was so stressful but we’ve come out it and we see that it’s okay and we didn’t lose things that were important we didn’t lose the birth of our oldest son we didn’t lose the birth of our twins we got married long before the digital age so we didn’t lose any wedding photos! We are so thankful because it could be much worse!

With all that being said please please please if you do anything on the computer purchase an external backup drive and backup daily, weekly whatever is the best option for you because you never know what’s gonna happen our computer was 18 months old (it is a very expensive iMac)

So that’s kind of the bummer stuff…the crappy stuff that’s occurred but there’s also been some really awesome stuff that’s occurred!

We have been praying about going into the ministry! My husband has been blessed with the awesome opportunity to be filling in for our wonderful youth pastor at church! To see my husband teaching God’s word has been so amazing! watching him study and then the way the Lord uses him…wow there are no words! We’ve prayed about it for so many years and is so clear that he’s called into ministry, our family is called the ministry and it is so exciting! We have no idea what the Lord’s plan is but we are ready!!

We are also currently planning our churches annual “All Church Retreat” which is so much fun to get the plan the games the food, everything!! We are so looking forward to it and to strengthen our body of Christ that belong to!

And last but not least I have opened an Etsy shop!!


I have a bunch of fun really cute crocheted stuff! I have hats (lalaloopsy & rapunzel) slippers, bags, shorts!




And… Wool longies (aka diaper covers) when we cloth diapered longies were one of the things that I loved so much I had so many pairs might always wanted to learn how to make them and so after learn how to crochet I created my very own pattern! I have had the opportunity to give them and sell them to a number of people who cloth diaper! If you use cloth then wool is a necessity…in my opinion!


And I’m introducing later this month Dresses!


There are some fun things coming up! Reviews on The Tower of Babel, The Atlas of Gods World and a Grapevine Ruth Review! I cant wait to get back to it! I’m missed The Life in Bloom so much!