The curriculum is in order…but the school room…

Although my curriculum is ready to go come Aug. 12th the classroom is another story. Our classroom takes of one half of our large family room/play room.  About two weeks  ago we decided to give the toy closet a MAJOR overhaul…I’m talking BIG…donating ALL the toys that have not been played with in more than six months and parting with all the “baby” toys we have accumulated over the last eight years! Let me tell you there are a TON! Well here we are a few weeks  later, weeks from starting the new school year. Do you think it is a beautiful new “less” packed room? Nope, it has ended up being an enormous undertaking!  Seriously this is daunting, I’m almost feel like there is no light at the end of this tunnel. It has been one thing after another since we decided to overhaul the room! All shorts of things have stopped us from completing this job from total exhaustion from a busy weeks to being with friends who really needed us! I’m struggling not to lose heart and wanting to just shove it all back in the closet…out of sight out of mind…but instead I fight the urge…I push on little by little, at a snail pace. Why do I continue to push through the discouragement and the stress? Because I know that it will just get worse…I should have never let it go this far…seriously we have kept things that should have been donated years ago that are just sitting in a closet gathering dust. The twins turn 4 in September…then theres Christmas…then Elias in January…that means I need to get this done…NOW! Unfortunately “out of sight out of mind” is very true…now I see it and it has to go!

So I’m off to inch my way to a refreshed playroom, to hopefully bless some families with some great stuff and to get my sanity back!