Free 2013-2014 Homeschool Planner AND Meal Planner!!!!

Do to extremely high download volume this file may take a few minutes to download! Thank you! 🙂


The 2013-2014 Homeschool Planner is ready for download…Finally!

I had originally planned to have it ready available at the end of June or early July {and I know you were too…my inbox was slammed with “will you be posting your new planner soon”}…but that was not to be…our computer crashed and I lost pretty much everything! Including the updated and easier to use planner…so…I had to start from scratch and cram like nobodies business. I did it! I have to be honest I like this one SO much better!

Something new this year is a yearly planning grid broken down into weeks {I’ll teach you how to put it together is a later post} I have been using to grid for years…and Im not sure why it wasn’t included last year. Also there are two page monthly pages! Subject objective/plan pages {yay for keeping all your children and subjects organized!} Week at a glance! And, the ever important holiday list!!!

A brand new feature {you asked for it…no joke, I got over 200 messages asking if I would add a…..Meal Planner! I have used a meal planner my entire life! I have mentioned it in the past but just in case you didn’t know: I’m the youngest of NINE! When I was born my oldest sister was 20. My oldest niece is only 14 months younger then me. There was a point that ALL of us were under ONE roof…my parents, my eight siblings, my sisters husband and two daughters…yep my mom had to regularly feed 14 mouths on a very small budget. Over the years she has shared her tricks, one of which is planning, planning, planning. We plan by the year, season, month, week and day. It takes a little time but it is so worth it!

So what do you need?

One 2 inch binder {or two if you are only printing on planner or would just prefer to keep them separate }

Clear page sleeves {why? First off the pages will last WAY longer since you don’t have to use a hole punch. Second, they will stay protected. The main reason….because you can use wet erase markers…I love this especially for the weekly school itinerary!}

White Cardstock for printing


There are a few options:

You can either print at home or upload to a print place like FedEx Kinkos. {Since I highly recommend printing on cardstock printing at home might be the cheaper option}

I hope you enjoy this as much as I have!

Oh YES I will be posting some how to’s…Maybe even a webisode or two!!

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Homeschool Planner DOWNLOAD


Meal Planner DOWNLOAD


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