N is for Noah: Trusting God and His Promises


n-is-for-noahAbout N is for Noah:

The account of the ark, the Flood, and the man of faith at the heart of this biblical adventure told in informative rhyming verse!

  • Develops skills like memorization and comprehension while creating a strong biblical foundation.
  • Helps reinforce a child’s understanding of the true history of Noah, the ark, and the great Flood.
  • Includes helps on how to present important Christian concepts to children and to enhance their understanding.

A new addition joins this beloved series of biblically based classics from author Ken Ham. Using rhyme to present the memorable account, N is for Noah provides structured learning enhanced with important words, biblical concepts, and verses.

The easel-book format makes it easy to teach, with text for the child on one side and detailed information for the parent or educator on the back. With colorful illustrations and a delightful rhyme, the book is sure to be a favorite for every child!

Every time I pick this book up one of my FAVORITE childhood songs pops into my mind

The Lord told Noah
To build him an arky, arky
The Lord told Noah
To build him an arky, arky
Build it out of gopher barky, barky
Children of the Lord

Rise and shine
And give God the glory, glory
Rise and shine
And give God the glory, glory
Rise and shine
And give God the glory, glory
Children of the Lord


When I found out the next book I would be reviewing was N is for Noah I thought it was going yet another storybook of Noah’s Ark…that was until I saw the Authors Names…it was then that I knew that it was going to AWESOME! Ken and Mally Ham did it again with N is for Noah! This book {or curriculum} is AMAZING!! Reviewing this book has been so much fun for our family. The style of the book is awesome can be read like any other book OR it can be set up on a table and used like a flip chart…so EVERYONE can see the pictures YAY! When it is used as a flip chart the pictures face the kiddos and the back gives parents all the information that goes along with the page, with headings such as: “Let’s Read” “Bible Bits” “Let’s Talk” “Always Remember” “Stuff to Do” & “Quick Review”


When the package arrived I don’t think we could have ripped into the package faster! My husband and I were both in love at first sight! This book is information packed! It has BEAUTIFUL full color pictures {that my kids LOVE} and it is doctrinally sound which mommy and daddy love!  Our older son {8} LOVES learning the bible and loves all the info and the  fun “extras” that this book has….he even likes that it coincides with the bible 🙂 Our twins {almost 4} Love the pictures, memory verses and the activities. They love flipping through the book and talking about what they see in the pictures with each other!  We are only doing one page a day…they would prefer 5, 10, 20 😉 This book will be a part of our family bible time and schooling for years to come! I cannot wait to show it to the children’s director at our church! We are also getting our kids A is for Adam & D is for Dinosaur for Christmas!


I know this goes without say but I HIGHLY recommend this book to EVERY family with kids and any family who homeschools! 


Don’t miss out on the other books in this series

 A is for Adam 

D is for Dinosaur

You can download coloring pages to go along with the book {how cool is that!} and see a sneak peek of the inside HERE.

N is for Noah: Trusting God and His Promises is available now! Pick yours up today at your local book store or at nlpg.com or Amazon.

Be sure to join us for Book and a Treat Facebook Party for N is for Noah on August 27 at 8pm CDT!  There will be some pretty fantastic prizes!

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