Zach’s Wax Extreme Color Gel {Review}


Want something Extremely Colorful. Extremely Temporary. Extremely Fun?
How about all of that is in a fun Colored hair gel? Well I have awesome news for you! Zach’s Wax Extreme Color Gel is water-based and totally temporary. Now that’s something kid-friendly fun? Zach’s Wax Extreme Color Gel, is a brightly colored temporary hair gel perfect to show your school pride, support your favorite NFL team {Ahem SEAHAWKS}, add a little bit of funky to the mundane or just simply for fun!IMG_3809

IMG_3816When I was given the opportunity by the Eric {Zach’s Dad} to share Zach’s Wax with you I was stoked! I showed my kids the Zach’s Wax website and they pretty much couldn’t contain the squeals of excitement about what would be arriving soon! The afternoon our package arrived I’m sure our neighbors thought we opened a box with a million dollars…they were yelling and jumping around! It was pretty exciting!

We received four tubes of Zach’s Wax Extreme Color Gel – Blue, Green {yeah baby…that’s Seahawks colors}, Purple and Pink! So, right there in our front yard I did the very first application!

Honestly, I didn’t know what to expect…I am VERY pleased with the results. The gel is nice and thick and smells good! It was very easy to apply even to two squirming preschoolers!!


If you choose to apply with bare hand the color WILL come out of your skin after about two hand washings {I tested with the colors I have, I cannot say if this is the case with the other colors} With that being said…use the gloves that come with the gel 😉

It takes about five – ten minutes to air dry. Since it’s still summer I decided not to use the blow dryer 🙂

The website suggests using the white gel as a base for darker hair…I totally agree with that. We don’t have the white and all have medium to VERY dark brown hair and the colors were a little muted…that will be an easy fix with the white gel!

It washes out very easily. If your kids choose to leave it in for a few days like my kids it will eventually just fade out…I assume that it rubbed or flaked off when they changed or slept but I found ZERO color transfer on any clothing or pillowcases {the twins have white so it would have been easy to see}

We have really enjoyed Zach’s Wax and have a few more colors we want to get! The kids have been so excited to go out and about with their “awesome” hair! This past Sunday the boys both had blue faux hawks and little miss had a pink ponytail! Everyone they walked past asked about it…which they loved! I was asked by many moms where it was from! Once we get our white base I will be rockin some pink and purple streaks too!

The Extreme Color Gel comes in nine fun colors! Your kids are gonna love it!

Zach’s Wax comes in a tube, with a plastic glove and a  wand for easy application {just like a mascara brush}. The color washes out with only one shampoo.


There is something else pretty awesome about Zach’s Wax: it’s is a family owned business out of Ventura, California, and part of its design is philanthropic. {Learn more about this wonderful family} They call it Colors for Causes. They have associated each color with a charitable cause like They donate a percentage of their profits from each color to the organization or cause linked to it…
  • Pink: Breast Cancer
  • White: Children’s Autism
  • Yellow: Children’s Diabetes
  • Black: Life Impact International
  • Green: Children’s Hospitals
  • Blue: Granting Children’s Dreams
  • Purple: Children’s Hunger fund
  • Red: Special Olympics
  • Orange: Rally Foundation for Childhood Cancer {Don’t forget that September is National Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. I know it is hard to think about but there are so many families who are watching their babies {no matter the age} fight for their lives. Please help support families who need it so badly}
  • Clear: Mozambique Hospital

header-zachs-waxlI defiantly think you should head over and pick some up for your family! Zach’s Wax is a fun way to show your personality!

Don’t forget to check out Zach’s Premium  & Zach’s Gear

Visit Zach’s Wax and learn more. Check out the gallery of photos in real life.
I want to give a BIG Thank You to Eric and the whole Family for giving me this fun opportunity to share Zach’s Wax

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