EasyLunchBoxes Review and Giveaway!



We started Bento -ing awhile ago and our family fell in love! We love bento boxes and there are so many different kinds…they are  kinda like potato chips…you can’t just have one! I’m absolutely in love with EasyLunchBoxes! We use them for all the littles meals, seriously breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks! The kids love them too! After getting our first set of 4 I decided we needed more! They are so convenient and the size is perfect!

I received the lovely bright set of four with a purple insulated lunch bag {if you know me personally, you know that the purple was not by accident nor are you surprised!} from the Lovely Kelly Lester {the smarty pants mama behind EasyLunchBoxes} From the moment I opened the package I was in love! When it comes to kids and lunch boxes/bento boxes…well…this isn’t my first rodeo! I defiantly knew what I wanted…IMG_3793

  • Tight Fitting Lid
  • Stackable
  • Easy Clean up
  • A Container with a bag it actually fit in {for when where are out and about or on Homelink days}

EasyLunchBoxes EXCEEDED my expectations! First of all they are 100% stackable the containers and the lids all fit together making one perfect little package! That “perfect little package”

fits, well…perfectly in the insulated lunch bag thus making storage super easy! The actual container its self is really sturdy! These are not like those flimsy plastic containers deli meat comes in….these are the real deal!


Same thing goes for the lids…sturdy! Three of the filled containers with the lids fit in the insulated lunch bag, which is totally ideal for us! {psst, between you and me…I’m going to be placing an order for a set in the “classic” colors, one set of the mini dippers and another insulated lunch bag…my oldest has requested orange!}


EasyLunchBoxes are hands down my go to! They are the perfect size for breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and Snacks! They container in broken into three compartments the first one is roughly sandwich sized, the second one is perfect for chips, fries, fruits, veggies…just pick your favorite side and go, the third is the smallest of the three and perfect for jello, pudding, applesauce and dips! EasyLunchBoxes are the PERFECT accompaniment to all our Bento gear! Are you a fellow Bento – er  you NEED EasyLunchBoxes! Please note that although EasyLunchBoxes do seal and keep your food safe they are not leak proof…so be sure if you are packing dips or sauces grab yourself some little dippers! IMG_0908

And I’m not the only one who loves EasyLunchboxes! They are the #1 best-selling lunch boxes on Amazon!

EasyLunchboxes are perfect for every appetite! I have one child that loves to eat, one that hates to eat, and one that in right in the middle…However they all LOVE eating when it is served in their EasyLunchBoxes!

If you are not the proud owner of EasyLunchBoxes then I can only imagine that to a ready to get some of your very own!! Don’t worry Kelly at EasyLunchBoxes has given me the awesome opportunity to give one of YOU a set of 4 boxes and a cooler bag! You get to choose from the Classic lid colors or the new Brights {that’s what I have} and you get to choose your cooler bag color! YAY!

Screen Shot 2013-10-02 at 1.28.26 PM

EasyLunchBoxes Giveaway will run from Thursday September, 5  2013 –  Saturday September 14, 2013.

One winner will be randomly selected by Rafflecopter. The winner will be contacted September 15, 2013 via email.


And keep an eye out for my brand new series coming this week…



Bento for the Littles

I’m so excited to introduce you to my brand new series #bentoforthelittles A few months ago I started creating bento meals for my littles…and pretty much fell in love and so did they!


Ok, first of all you are probably wondering…What is Bento?

The term Bento actually comes from a derivative of “convenient” or “convenience”.  It’s one box {container} filled with food…thus making a well balance meal in one dish!  With origins from Japan, which I love because I have an amazing friend who was born and raised in Japan! Bento is more than just a bunch of food smashed together in one box…some of these boxes are AMAZING…I’m still learning 🙂  IMG_0908These wonderful Japanese wives and mamas spend time lovingly creating beautiful healthy meals for the loved ones! You can check out my Bento Pinterest board and see what I mean! For kids bento is FUN! For adults, bento boxes can be a great way to use portion control!


For us Bento Lunches are more than just presentation {although the littles love that} Since 18 months old we have struggled with a daughter who has serious vitamin deficiencies, that lead to serious dental issues that have caused a serious aversion to most food…for about 9 months is was a horrible ripple effect! It has been very emotionally draining and very hard. We REALLY wanted to find something that break this horrible cycle. During our search we found that presentation really matters, not only with little miss, but with our boys who enjoy eating! WIN WIN!!  Creating fun bento meals…breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks is a fantastic way to get your little excited about not only food…but healthy food!


What you need to start Bento-ing?

Seriously all you need is a dish either with or without compartments {like EasyLunchBoxes…that I just happen to be giving away right now! Enter HERE} and some cookie cutters! And a well balanced meal plan! Bento can grow from there…and I mean GROW!!!! One of my favorite places to find Bento gear is Bento USA. You will not believe how much super fun stuff they have!

What’s Bento for the Littles going to consist of?

I will be sharing favorite stores, shops and items {aka my growing stash and wish list!}, plus fun bento things I find at our local asian market and all my creations! AND I want you to do the same! Every time you share a Bento be sure to hashtag #bentoforthelittles & #thelifeinbloom I’m so excited Bento for the Littles…and I even have quite a few fun bento giveaways coming up {and the EasyLunchBoxes going on now!}

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